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    Wal-Mart Turkey Fryer Kit

    Heads up- right now Wal-Mart has their own turkey fryer kits on sale. At only $45 I had to try it out. My first impressions: Stand/burner is a knock-off of the Bayou Classic, and surprisingly sturdy. The burner itself is a low quality cast iron piece. I haven't found a BTU rating but...
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    Craigslist Alert

    Just saw this on craigslist (Philadelphia) if anyone is interested!
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    Yuengling Lager Clone

    Since I rarely have time to brew, I have been spending a lot of my free time formulating recipes for future use. Right now I am working on a Yuengling clone, but I don't know what SRM, IBU and ABV I am trying to match. I built a quick recipe on hopville and ended up with 14 SRM, 30 IBU and 5.9%...
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    Barley Wine Virgin

    I've never had a barleywine....need a recommendation! I want my first bottle to be a classic example of the style, nothing outrageous or different. Post up your favorites and recommendations for a first timer.My craft beer suppliers (6-pack stores) carry wide selections so assume I can find...
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    Brewing and the Rostovian Take-off Model

    If anyone is familiar with Rostow's Model, I am writing a paper which argues that beer brewing has followed this model. The 5 stages of the model (explained further courtesy of Wikipedia) outline how societies transition from traditional societies which believe the Gods play a role in the...
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    Best Buy Gift Card = Brewing Equipment?

    Pretty random question, but I figured I could get some ideas here. I have a $25 ($20?) gift card to Best Buy, and nothing to spend it on. I buy all my DVD's used, rarely ever purchase music, and have a great computer with all of the software I need right now. So....I guess I need to...
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    Stalled Fermentation- Cooper's Ale Yeast

    Recently brewed a Brewer's Best Irish Stout + 1/2 lb coarse ground espresso at flameout. OG 1.053. Pitched 15g Cooper's Ale Yeast (without rehydrating) which was included in the kit. Fermentation took off within 12 hours. Floor temp was about 64 and wort was about 67/8 (if I remember correctly)...
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    BIAB Magic Hat # 9 Clone

    Hey all, I want to try out BIAB, so far I have only done a few extract batches. SWMBO wants the next batch to be a #9 clone (I plan on calling it #9.5) so I'm looking for some input on the recipe. From Magic Hat's website: A beer cloaked in secrecy. An ale whose mysterious and unusual...
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    Espresso Stout

    Hi all, For my third ever batch of beer I am looking to make an Espresso Stout. My LHBS carries Brewer's Best kits, so for simplicity's sake I was considering purchasing the BB Irish Stout kit, and steeping fresh ground espresso. So far I have a few questions: What is the best way to...