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    Bottle washing: by hand or dishwasher?

    Pour and rinse...already clean for next time. I sanitize by hand though. I have heard the dishwasher can make bottles brittle. Anyone else have opinions on that theory?
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    Removing labels from beer bottles.

    I know people gonna laugh...but ... I rinse as i drink any bottles and then.. when about a 12 pack, fill bottles with hot water as I fill the sink..then cap and no hassels about cleaning the inside of glue and oxiclean...soak in oxiclean for a few hours and it is the easiest thing ever... steel...
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    bother to bottle

    Tried a mocha stout and not sure if bottle.. 3 gallon batch 6 oz. chocholate malt 2 oz black patent 2 oz. roasted barley 8 oz crystal (60l) 3.3 lbs DME 6 oz unsweetened chocholate 8 oz lactose est. og 1.6 act. og 1.45 FG 1.25 One month primary average 68-70 degrees..sat...
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    first bottle it.....I put them all together and books on top...we'll see how that works...I have another batch to do when she gets home...I would love to see her face with 55 condom covered least she probably never steal any from me!!
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    first bottle

    first time bottling least i realized that I had forgot to prime my beer after only 4 bottles...but my capper was not included with my first equipment I got it later and left in wife's car...she will not be home for a while so beer will sit with caps resting on...
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    Airlock keeps losing liquid ?

    I am curious about this as well. I am about to bottle 2 batches with 4 weeks in the primary. One in a bucket and one in a carboy. The 3 piece airlock on the glass carboy has gone dry two times in the last week and the bucket has not lost any liquid. They have been generally about 70 degrees...