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    Cuisine at Home magazine says ales aren't technically beer

    Issue 101 Sept/Oct 2013, Q&A, page 7. Someone asks how beer is categorized...and part of the answer is I emailed them asking to explain to me in detail how ales aren't technically beer. I have not heard a response. Can someone please confirm my sanity or lack thereof? :drunk:
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    Ales: No 2ndary moment of zen

    I know there has been debate on whether 2ndary fermentation is needed for ales in most cases. I've never really got into the debate because my method was working for me. Well, I have had a moment of enlightenment. Normally my ale fermentation schedule is as follows: 3 weeks minimum in...
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    I need commercial beer ideas for a party.

    A friend of mine is having a baby shower and has put me in charge of the beer. There will be maybe 40 people...half of which will probably be drinking, half of which are likely BMC connoisseurs. I've been told that 4 cases should do the trick. I'm going to get 2 cases of a BMC product and...
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    Are you embarassed to be in the BMC isle at the store?

    Here's the scenario...I'm heading to an outdoor concert tomorrow. Knowing I'll be drinking mass quantities in the GA heat, ice cold fizzy yellow adjunct packed lagers is my safest bet. So there I was in the BMC isle deciding/looking at the various packaging options, bottles vs cans vs size...
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    Beer pairing with fried turkey?

    My neighbors always have a turkey fry the weekend before thanksgiving. I always brew an octoberfest for the occasion. I want to bring two brews so I'm looking for suggestions on what style of beer will go with fried turkey
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    When is the best time to test pH of mash?

    I got some 4.6 - 6.2 test strips. When is the best time to test the mash? Immediately after mixing? What am I shooting for? What if its high? What if its low?
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    How do I get a yeast strain named after me?

    Any ideas?
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    homebrew themed facebook cover photo

    snapped this and posted as my facebook cover photo. I expect my neighbors at any moment....
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    need help identifying whats floating on top

    I've had a bock lagering at 37 degress for about 4 weeks now. I noticed about 3 weeks ago that there was a thin film of something on top. I figured its yeast. From 2 feet away you cant even see it because its such a thin layer. Today I looked at it again today. Although it has not grown any...
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    New Belgium Dig Clone

    Drinking one now and its pretty darn tasty. Would love to brew this. Looking for input. The specs on New Belgiums site.. Sorachi Ace hops provides a fresh Spring zing with incredible lemon aroma. Nelson Sauvin is next in line with bursts of passion fruit, mango and peach. American...
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    How fast have your neighbors sucked your kegs dry?

    I brought over a freshly tapped octoberfest (5gal) and about a half keg of a RyePA to a neighbors party today at 5pm. At 7pm both were dry! Now I got nothing!
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    homebrew competition question

    If you send your beer entries a month before the competition, do they put the beer immediately in a fridge or do they keep it at room temp and then stick it in a fridge shortly before the judging to get it cold?
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    HELP! leaky faucets

    so, I hook up my two brand new shiny Perlick 525SS's and do a test run with a solution of star san. Everything looks good. I hook up my two kegs, pull a sample from the first faucet. Perfect, no leaks. Pull a sample form the other tap, drip, drip drip. Pulled the beer line from the keg...
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    a bad crush's affect on water absorption

    I'm trying to figure out why I got such crappy efficiency last batch. Normally I get 70%, this time i got 54%. I want to blame it on the crush since my procedure has been the same now for 3 years and my thermometer and hydrometer are correct. i used 12lbs grain, 4 gallons water = ratio of...
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    Water chiller

    I use an immersion chiller with garden hose fittings. This works well 2/3 of the year when the water temp is cool enough to chill the wort in a reasonable amount of time. Since I live in the South, the remaining 1/3 of the year, when its 95 degrees, the water temp cant be much lower than 90...
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    wyeast 1272 not flocc'ing

    Made a fat tire clone with 1272 yeast. Its been 10 days, and the yeast is still in suspension. Typically for me, after 7 days the yeast has mostly dropped to the bottom (ale yeasts). I fermented a little high at 70. Checked gravity yesterday and its 1.010. 1272 is supposed to be medium-high...
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    shake carboy to settle dry hops?

    I dry hopped a pale ale with 2 ounces of pellet hops. It has pretty much dissolved into about an inch thick of hop goo at the top. I did not use any type of muslin bag, i just threw the hops right in. Before i added the hops, the beer was crystal clear. Now after 5 days, its pretty hazy. My...
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    Brew day to lips in 13 days?

    OK, I need two different 5 gallon batches of beer thats drinkable by Christmas target date is 12-24. I wanted to brew both batches this past weekend on 12-4 that would have given me 3 weeks...easily obtainable. But now I cant brew until next weekend on 12-11. So I will have 13 days...
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    uh oh...forgot the whirlfloc

    I've been brewing beer for 3 years now and I have never forgot to add whirlfloc...until today. The first difference I noticed was after I transfered to a carboy. Normally when I add whirlfloc in the boil, I can start to see it settling out in the carboy, big chunks of stuff, like egg drop...
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    What are your favorite malts and hops combinations?

    Not a combination of malt and hops together, but malt+malt and hop + hop combos I used to be fond of crystal 60 and victory, but I just tapped a brown ale that had a combo of special roast and victory and all I can say is Damn, Its like a party in my mouth and everyone is....well you get the...