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  1. jmill

    1st time grower - EKG and Cascade - Central TX

    After failing miserably last year, I decided to give it another go. This time, doing a little more than just throwing them in the ground and hoping for the best. (The late plant time and probably dead/free rhizomes didn't help.) And since I'm bad at keeping garden logs, I'll hopefully keep this...
  2. jmill

    The Audiophile Revival Thread

    I know I have seen some audio-related threads floating around, but haven't seen any taking off or solely gear-related. Post your audio gear here. Turntables, headphones, speakers, DACs and amps. All welcome.
  3. jmill

    Post your favorite saison recipe

    I have a pack of Wyeast 3724 I need to use. I've done two saisons to date (Shipwreck Saison recipe from here and Boulevard Tank 7 clone), although neither are ready to drink yet. Anyone have recipe suggestions? I have plenty of German Pils malt ready to use...
  4. jmill

    Texas Silicone tubing - 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD (New)

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS - I made the mistake of ordering the wrong size tubing, so hoping I can find someone who can use it. I ordered a 20' piece of 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD from Bargain Fittings. I cut it into 3 pieces: 4'1", 6', and 9'11". It is unused. This is very high quality, thick food grade silicon...
  5. jmill

    Marris otter blend v. reg marris otter?

    I went to the LHBS today to pick up enough ingredients to last my next few brews. One of the main reasons for the visit was a bag of marris otter. On their website, it is advertised as just Muttons Marris Otter. I got home and noticed the bag says Marris Otter Blend. Same thing as the marris...
  6. jmill

    The Big SS Upgrade with reviews

    After a few bad brew days, I decided to go ahead and accelerate the upgrades of my equipment. I began with partial mash kits and a starter kit from my LHBS. After a handful of brews, I moved to a 2 cooler AG system. After some research and lots of planning, I've decided to make one final upgrade...
  7. jmill

    Texas Cooler Mash Tun, 8 gal Kettle, Copper Immersion Cooler

    Looking to sell a converted 10 gal Home Depot Cooler/Mash tun with false bottom and weldless 2 piece valve. I also have an 8 gal kettle with internal etchings at each gallon (did this myself) and a basic copper immersion cooler. The mash tun was used for 3-4 brews and the kettle and chiller for...
  8. jmill

    Grain storage - Firehouse Subs Pickle Buckets

    I had the bright idea a few weeks ago that I was going to save money on food grade bucks by purchasing some of the used pickle buckets that my local Firehouse Subs sells for $2 each. Does anyone else have any experience with these? Any tips on removing the pickle smell? I've used oxiclean...
  9. jmill

    Help with wood brew stand (1 or 2 tier, 2 or 3 burner)

    I'm getting ready to upgrade a lot of my major equipment and want to add a brew stand build to the mix. Trying to go for quality, so as to avoid being temped to upgrade every year. I suck at building things, so your advice is greatly appreciated. Current setup: BK = no name economy kettle...
  10. jmill

    Hops Shack

    Just received my second order from the Hops Shack and am very pleased. Ordered 2 pounds Wednesday and they arrived today. Faster than expected. Now I can do a second brew tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  11. jmill

    Water Profile for north Austin, TX

    I just received my water report and thought I'd share for anyone who doesn't want to send off for their own report in the north Austin, TX area. I'm still wrapping my head around Bru'n Water and water chemistry in general. pH - 9.4 TDS - 194 ppm Elec. Conductivity - 0.32 mmho/cm...
  12. jmill

    Good deal on vacume sealer

    I believe this is a special daily deal on Amazon, but for all of you who look forward to pounds of hops to store, I thought I'd share...
  13. jmill

    Mini co2/keg or bottle?

    I've managed to strike a deal with my father in law for fridge space in exchange for beer since I only have space for a mini-fridge style kegerator that holds 2 kegs max. He's giving me at least 1 large shelf in their 3rd fridge which can fit 2 kegs. I'm hoping to use this for lagers or some...
  14. jmill

    Pump suggestions

    I'm designing a 2 tier single pump brew stand and looking for some advice. I'd like to have a single pump and then rely on gravity to transfer from MLT to the brew kettle to keep it on the cheap side. I've looked at a few LHBS websites and the cheapest I can find is $150. I know all of you...
  15. jmill

    First AG a reasonable success

    First of all, thanks to everyone here for sharing your extensive knowledge. I benefited many, many times from posts here new and old. :mug: Today I completed my first AG brew after making 4 partial mash kits. (Nothing wrong with the kits....just wanted to get more into recipe customization...
  16. jmill

    Low Starting OG on 3 of 4 LHBS-purchased partial mash kits

    I'm sure this is one of the more common beginner brewer questions, but I'll ask it anyway. I dove head first into home brewing about a month ago. I've done a brew every weekend since then, completing my 4th beer yesterday. For each I have used a recipe kit from my LHBS and have followed the...
  17. jmill

    Danby DAR044A4BDD build (aka The Day of Many Trips to Lowes)

    I learned a great deal from my kegerator build. Lesson 1: Be sure you have the right tools. I began with a box cutter, hand saw, and battery powered drill. After multiple trips to the hardware store, I found it much easier with a dremel and a more heavy duty drill. Lesson 2: Box cutters...