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    Pin lock disconnects

    41 pin lock disconnects assorted new never used..60 obo plus shipping if you need it shipped pm or 909 3676715
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    Co2 filling station

    I closed down my homebrew shop and have my co2 station sitting in the garage since then... i paid 1350 on sale for 700... i would buy a syphon refill for 27 bucks and would fill 5 or 6 5 lb tanks off of it. Works perfect just a lil dusty, text or email... 909 367 6715...
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    California 10 gallon blichmann breweasy 240v

    I have the extension cord and a plate chiller for it, only used a handful of times, local sale preferred, 1300$ In la verne, ca
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    California E-bcs460 herms

    Asking 2500, 30 amp bcs 460 camlock setup. Email is probably better for contact... [email protected] This was my personal setup I finished building just before opening an lhbs. Since then I don't get mch time to brew at home and already have a setup for the shop. Upland, CA
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    California Morebeer 27 gal heated Nd cooled conical

    1900 with leg extensions and casters, local preffered
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    55g Brutus 10

    Alright so I'll start this off by saying I have already built a Sanke based e-herms setup using a bcs 460 that happily rests in my kitchen at home. Since that time I have opened a homebrewshop and find most of my time not at my day job is at my shop. Unfortunately that means it is difficult to...
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    ISO jester king

    Looking for atrial rubicite or any other sours not available on the west coast... I own a homebrewshop so can trade for ingredients and equipment or west coast beers. Thanks Kosmo
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    ISO jester king

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    SoCal Homebrew 1st Annual Comp

    Hello all, as a thank you to everyone that has helped keep us open our first year we would like to host an AHA/BJCP event.
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    wtb (3) 30 gallons blichmann kettles
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    Need help designing flyers for homebrew competition

    Alright all, I am organizing a homebrew competition for my homebrew shop's one year anniversary. the hurdle im facing here is i have no artistic sense whatsoever and i was wondering if there was anyone here that would be willing to help design some flyers to start putting up at all the local...
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    Organizing my first competition

    So I opened my lhbs about 7 months ago and would like to have a competition for my one year anniversary, I just registered it with the bjcp/aha but I was looking for any additional advice or tips to help this run smoothly and be a fun event. I will probably do 150 to the store for best in show...
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    Note to self

    When using a 1.5 horse pump remember to use hose clamps... Boy oh boy, wish the camera should how much water flew in a split second
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    morebeer 14 gallon conical

    if you have one you want to sell shoot me a pm
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    First smoke using bradly digital

    Here's me brisket... Sitting FTC right now, can't wait to taste it
  16. K

    It's Official ------ SoCal Homebrew

    Is almost open, unfortunately we had some delays but its getting close now:mug::ban::mug:
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    need some design help

    Hi all.... im opening a homebrew shop on the 1st and need some help with logo design for the website, tshirts, and business cards..... can anyone help? I dont need anything crazy, i just have absolutely no artistic skills whatsoever.
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    need help with economics

    Im working on a midterm and getting totally frustrated.... Im not looking for an answer but if someone can help me figure it out id appreciate it. A Korean BBQ restaurant has four workers for washing jobs: Dane, June, Park, and Pola. Each works eight hours a day and can produce two washing...
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    tile setters in so cal?

    Any tile setters in socal? I removed part of a wall to install a breakfast bar counter top and in the process broke some tiles. Im taking the opportunity to change out all the tile in the kitchen but have never done it before and want it to come out nice. Anybody local willing to help out...
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    Any crane operators out there????

    I have a question or two I need to ask in prep for a grievance meeting if you would be willing to help... Message me or post and ill message you. Thanks