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    Beerland TV show on Viceland Network

    It's not for me, too hipster-ish. They never even show any of the brewers setups. They probably use hop extract kits on their stovetop (not that there's anything wrong with that)
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    Spike brewing hard piped tri clamp 30 gallon system

    Nice job, that looks awesome!
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    American IPA Stillmatic - Centennial/Columbus IPA

    Looks like a nice beer! Just curious about the name, where you listening to NAS while brewing this beer? ;)
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    From Cooler to Keggle Mash Tun ?

    I understand what you are saying about the water/grain ratio. I guess the question then is not whether the ratio changes but mash thickness, not because of the qt/lb ratio but due to the grain density. In his case (and mine) the grain is condensed and does not come in contact with a portion of...
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    From Cooler to Keggle Mash Tun ?

    None taken, however I don't completely agree with you. If you want a certain mash thickness you will not achieve it without first filling the deadspace. For example say your grain bill is 15 pounds and you want a mash thickness of 1.25 qt/lb. If you don't compensate for the one gallon below the...
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    From Cooler to Keggle Mash Tun ?

    I'll chime in on this since I had the same question when I switched to a keggle mash tun. I also have about a gallon below my false bottom. In my mind, if I want the grain dilution to be 1.4 qt/lb there needs to be an extra gallon added first to compensate for the dead space, otherwise you will...
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    Any quick fix to raise fermentation chest temp

    Yup as already stated, a lightbulb does the trick nicely. Just make sure you don't forget to put your control probe back in the freezer like I did. A single 60 watt bulb heated my beer up to 130 degrees before I caught it lol
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    HELP: Lake Walk Pale Ale

    I've brewed that recipe a few times. Did the toasted 2 row the first time. The second time I used victory in place of the toasted malt. It was good but I preferred the home toasted malt over the victory.
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    Posioned Beer

    Meh, beer already has poison in it anyway. I say drink it lol
  10. B beer got really hot

    It looks like I may have dodged a bullet. Initial taste test was very nice. I'm getting what might be a little astringency from the hops basically cooking but it hides easily behind the high ibu's this recipe has. I'll give another update in a few weeks when it has had a chance to brighten a bit.
  11. B beer got really hot

    Hmmm. A session double IPA, I might be on to something :-)
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    FYI: Recognized Must Brew Recipes - Links

    +1 on lake walk. Best recipe I've brewed from hbt, and I've brewed a bunch of em. I'd add ed wort's haus pale ale to that list as well.
  13. B beer got really hot

    Just a quick update. Pulled the hops from the keg. Beer smelled fine, but didn't taste yet. It's been chilling down at 30 psi for 2 days. Just dropped it down to 12. I'll try to give it another day or so and give it a try.
  14. B beer got really hot

    That's what I was thinking lol
  15. B beer got really hot

    Chilling it down now. I took the hops out, at that temperature I'm sure they gave all they had to give. I may hit it with some fresh hops depending on how it taste
  16. B beer got really hot

    Chilling it down now. I took the hops out, at that temperature I'm sure they gave all they had to give. I may hit it with some fresh hops depending on how it taste
  17. B beer got really hot

    I kegged an imperial IPA a few days ago. I added a dry hop addition to the keg in a nylon bag as I usually do. I wanted to give the beer a few days at 60 degrees to speed up the dry hop process before chilling and carbing, so I put the keg back in my fermentation freezer and set the controller...
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    Brew & A: Bobby "Bobby_M" Mierzejwski

    Much respect to Bobby! Always enjoy reading what he has to say. And my brew rig has many improvements thanks to brewhardware!
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    Pump ed up!!!

    Love my chugger pump! I wired a switch to a gfci outlet on my brew stand to take care of the no switch problem.
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    Three tier or single tier?

    This is completely dependent on the equipment used. Especially the type of burner and false bottom. I direct fire/recirculate in a keggle with a full false bottom using a sq-14 burner. Never even close to scorching. Honestly I don't really have to use the burner that much to keep the temp...