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  1. gwaugh

    Ohio Headed to Cleveland

    My favorite spots are Fatheads in North Olmstead, Great Lakes and Market Garden and Portside Distillery is pretty good too. I haven't been too impressed with Platform the few times I've been in there. There seems to be a new one opening every other day.
  2. gwaugh

    So to all you ohioans at the gas station...

    Funny, thats how a lot of us in Ohio feel about MI. I'm 38 and can remember a few full service stations from my childhood. Haven't seen one in Ohio since I began driving though.
  3. gwaugh

    Basil & spent grains

    The spent grains I dump in my compost bin attract gnats and flies. I don't know if I would use them as mulch.
  4. gwaugh

    Tips and Tricks to Surviving A Beer Festival

    When you use water to rinse your glass between samples, drink it. Staying hydrated is key to lasting the whole fest.
  5. gwaugh

    Prince Beer

    I've only been into Platform twice. 1st time I wasn't impressed but I was in there last month and had a pretty good porter and an IPA that was OK. There are plenty of other great breweries in Cleveland and more opening all the time. If they are having quality issues and keep up stunts like this...
  6. gwaugh

    Prince Beer

    Which brewery is it? I spend a lot of time in the Cleveland area brewery hopping and I hope its not one of my favorites. I've never been a big Prince fan myself but this kind of cash grab is pretty douchey.
  7. gwaugh

    Sour Beer in Kegerator

    My first thought would be no, as I don't believe anything can live in a pure CO2 environment. Even if it could the check valves should prevent any cross contamination. I have a similar set up and have never had any problems. I have one tap set-up with pin locks I only use for sours. Everything...
  8. gwaugh

    How do I repitch bottles?

    Those temps are not unreasonable. I know I've heard interviews with a couple pros that keep their conditioning rooms in the 70's. When you pop one open are they still completely flat or have they built up at least some pressure?
  9. gwaugh

    How do I repitch bottles?

    What temp are the bottles sitting at? If the ambient temp is too low where you're conditioning it can take a long time to carbonate.
  10. gwaugh

    inr brewing - basement brewery build

    Thanks for the link. I will be purchasing immediately.
  11. gwaugh

    inr brewing - basement brewery build

    Where did you get that drip tray? I think it's just what I need for my keezer. Love your build thread by the way.
  12. gwaugh

    Facelift for my control panel

    Thanks, well that parts solved. I'm still not sure I'm comfortable with my system running unattended for that long. Maybe I need to rethink this...
  13. gwaugh

    Facelift for my control panel

    Augie, How long of a continuous run time do you think the little pumps you use can handle? I've been thinking of doing some kettle souring for berliners. My idea is to run off into my kettle, let it cool or chill to about 100 degrees and then pitch the bugs. Then I could take one of the small...
  14. gwaugh

    Auber Pid odd behavior in Auto-Mode 100% or 0% and nothing else

    Oh good, the same discussion in yet another thread.
  15. gwaugh

    Foam stopper for cold crash

    Why not just cold crash in the keg? That's what I do, after a day or 2 I add gelatin if I feel like it.
  16. gwaugh

    Georgia misc Electrical Brewery items

    Pm sent