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    Keggle Vs. Kettle

    I've got an option to buy a 15.5 keggle with proper hole for a valve for $75 or a 9 gal SS Bayou Classic Kettle for $50. I am just moving to AG from extract. I have no more storage room right now to brew more than 5 gallon batches, and typically use my stovetop to start the boil then move...
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    Foamy Corny Keg

    I know there have been a few of these threads, but had a question I couldn't find on them. On this Wit that I charged the keg on a couple days ago, I am getting solid foam out of the tower tap. Almost whipped cream consistency foam. I'm seeing very few bubbles on my beer line. It looks like a...
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    Reheating/Reusing boiled bottle caps

    I boiled too many bottle caps. Can I put them away for another day to sanitize/boil again, or do I toss 'em?
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    Screwed up the secondry with sugar, now what?

    First post on the forum here, so hello. This is my first batch of brewing in about 8 years, so please bear with me. I'm a noobie all over again. I've got a fairly mild Pale Ale I just brewed up last week. The directions go back and forth between what to do if using single vs. 2 stage fermenting...