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    Off Flavor Help

    I used bottled spring water with little bit of tap water, which is from a well on my property. Fermentation was room temp throughout 65-67 F . I have recently moved so I haven't got my fermentation fridge setup/in yet. I taste the wort at ever stage and I didn't tast this flavor until carbed in...
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    Off Flavor Help

    I have a kolsch I brewed the clarity, taste and mouth feel is awesome. However I do have an off flavor in it. It tastes kinda like a metallic/sanitizer like flavor, right as it hits the tongue then disappears. It kinda seems like you get more of the off flavor in the foam but its still in the...
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    Force Carbong and bottling

    Not profoundly low. It carbed where I could drink it and it is very good but nearly no foam/head. I just worked hard on this beer and want it to be great! Just want it to be a little more carbonated with around a 1/2 inch of head. Still tastes deep rich, oaky and alcohol. Going to be great when...
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    Force Carbong and bottling

    I did actually naturally carbonate with brown sugar but do to the age and ABV it didn't carbonate hardly at all. I will try to do the frozen bottles 1 at a time and see how it turns out.
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    Force Carbong and bottling

    So I have a scotch wee heavy that aged 10 months on French oak. I bottled and legged it. The bottles are a little low carbonation due to the 12% ABV. My thought with the kegged stuff is to over carb it bottle it very slowly in a liter kolsch (or normal capped) bottle and put in the fridge. My...
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    When to runs HERMS?

    Thermometer and propane heat thats it for now, but will probably upgrade to an electric heater eventually just for the mash.
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    When to runs HERMS?

    So I just got a pump and fittings and designed all my equipment so I can run a herms system through my wort chiller in my HLT. My question is should you run the herms the entire mash time? Or only during mash temp raises/mash outs? Any cons or pros doing either? Going to do my first HERMS brew...
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    Need a Belgian Dubbel or Quad recipe!

    Want to do a belgian style beer for my next brew but have never done one. want to do an open fermentation for it but I don't have to. Really like St. Bernardus, Three Philosophers, and La Fin Du Monte. Any advice or recipes would be appreciated!!!
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    Added hot honey to Primary, Problem?

    I accidently forgot to let the honey cool after I heated it up on the stove. Not sure how hot it was but I dumped it in the primary. it is a big beer I brewed with 2 whole yeast starters at the begining. Whats the worst that is going to happen? I am sure I probably killed a little yeast but will...
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    Will carbonated beer re-FERMENT?

    Here is my issue. I did a octoberfest lager, one of my first ever lagers and looks like I injured the yeast by high pitching temps or what not. Only got down to 1.038. It was a pretty big beer so which is also kinda a first so I didn't know it would be as sweet as it was. I just force carbed it...
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    Why does fermenting beer move?

    cool, thanks. I thought it had to do with the temp of the yeast as it ferments but I didn't realize it makes it move that much. I am amused by simple things and I love to watch it floculate and ferment.
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    Why does fermenting beer move?

    Not sure if this has been discussed before but I have always wondered, especially have brewed quite a few Highly vigorous IPAs and recently a big scotch heavy ale. If anyone has links to the science behind why yeast moves around in the wort while fermenting, or if they know why I love to learn...
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    First Lager Help.

    Thanks for the helpful info. Also with using an immersion chiller it seems like it takes quite a while to get it from 100 down to 70-50 degrees. Any ideas or words of wisdom on how to drop it faster. Also as long as the wort is covered does it hurt it to sit out for a decent amount of time to...
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    First Lager Help.

    So just did my first lager. It was good a little green/young but still was good, clear and drinkable. However, 2 big things with its taste I would like some help/ideas on. 1st, It had quite a buttery taste and almost heavy on the stomach once a drank a few pints. I did a diacytl rest for 3 days...
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    Dogfish Head Clone Questions

    Recipe Details: 13lbs Pale Malt 6 oz of Cara 20 boil for 90 minutes continually hopped for 60 with Warrior with simcoe and armarillo mix and WLP#001 Cali Ale yeast used Fermented for 7days at 68 degrees transferred to Secondary and dry hopped with 1.5 oz armarillo and .5oz of simcoe leaf...
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    Equipment and Efficiency

    So I brewed like my 10th or so batch of All grain beer today. It was a Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. But I really tried to do my best with my temps, water amounts, and boil/chilling times and was pretty spot on with everything. I use beersmith to do everything. It was a single infusion mash. I...
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    Decoction Mash

    Ok, I know there are quite a few threads on decoction mashing and tannins but was wondering if anyone could please explain why you don't extract tannins from decoction mashing but you would, say if you mashed at 190 degrees for 60 minutes? I know everyone just says ph and temp but just looking...
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    Yeast Washing for Starter?

    That was my thinking but like I said this is my first time using my washed yeast and all the instructions and/or videos I have seen only show the technique of washing and then just say to make a starter with it, but don't clarify how to make the starter.
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    Yeast Washing for Starter?

    I have just recently started washing and harvesting yeast. Was wondering if I should/could pour off a majority of the beer on the top of the washed yeast before I make a starter. I use mason jars have about a 1/4-1/8 inch or white yeast on the bottom and the rest filled with the beer that it...
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    What does word bar mean on my CO2 Regulator?

    Just wondering what the word Bar means on my Co2 Regulator. My regulator has PSI on the outer ring and Bar on the inner ring. I am using carbing stone right now which I probably won't be using in the future but was wondering if the word bar had anything to do with it? Just doesn't seen to be...