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    Dry Hopping Preservation

    I'm looking to brew a Sahti inspired ale with minimal hop bitterness. I'm going to use juniper berries and maybe some fir tips in the boil. I'm planning on dry hopping in the secondary for a little bitterness. Will that also help with preservation?
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    High Gravity Braggot Yeast, and Other First Braggot Questions.

    Here's the recipe I've worked up, Instead of Munich malt extract I'm going to use and I'm going to...
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    Barleywine Gruit Recipe without Hops?

    I'm looking for advice and recipes for brewing an English Barleywine style gruit without hops, I'm thinking of using primarily heather but I'm open to using other things.
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    What do I need to start brewing Mead? (and good recipes)

    I have: Yeast Nutrient Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast Acid blend Pectic Enzyme Camden Tablets I'm planning on getting a couple one gallon carboys from amazon. Will that yeast work, do I need anything else, and what's a good recipe to start off with, and what SG should I go to to get the full 16% from...