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    Growing Saccharomyces Boulardii from a capsule

    To follow up, I've been making s. boulardii cider for 3+ years now to great success. It's been extremely beneficial for my gut health. My system has grown to using my standard brewing setup and a corny keg with a tap that I pull off 6 oz to drink a few times a week. Unlike my traditional ciders...
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    Cider Yeast Selection

    I've had good experience with K1-V1116 as it went very dry but kept a lot of apple flavor, it also dropped very clear. It tasted a bit sharp early on, but after about 4 months of age it really mellowed out. I didn't have temperature control at the time, and regretfully won't for this years...
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    Results from juice, yeast and sugar experiments

    Any idea where to get Brupaks ale yeast in America? There are some archived ebay listings but nothing current. I'd like to get 3 packets to have on hand, right now I have S-04 and K1V-1116 as backup yeast.
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    Granny smith apples for cider

    Bushwhacker has a fully dry 100% Granny Smith cider on tap most of the time. The flavor is nice, but it's too tart for me. It sells really well.
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    LowCarb/Keto friendly cider?

    Seattle Cider Dry has 3g of carb per 16oz can. While by no means amazing, it's drinkable. That may work within your low carb diet, depending on how many carbs you have to work with. I know a diabetic who drinks it. Even a lot of dry ciders have 6-12g carb per serving. When I cut carbs I usually...
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    Growing Saccharomyces Boulardii from a capsule

    So I've been using s. boulardii to make "probiotic cider" for the same reason, I started taking s. boulardii a while ago, saw the benefits, and thought "um... could I just make booze out of this and get the same benefits?" You can and I've been getting the benefit without having to take the...
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    Adding fruit flavor for Berliner Weisse when kegging.

    How do you prepare the raspberries? I haven't seen raspberry juice for sale. More info please.
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    Adding fruit flavor for Berliner Weisse when kegging.

    So I made a batch of the Training Wheels Berliner ( and it turned out really good, and I had been thinking of adding some watermelon juice when I kegged it, which seems to be fairly standard. Here's the rub. I've got a wedding to go to this...
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    Belgian Tripel Belgian Trippel (2006 World Beer Cup Gold Medal: Dragonmead Final Absolution clone)

    So I bottled a few weeks ago and finally cracked one open. Holy crap is this good. I'll be brewing it again shortly because I want some to age properly. FG for my two 3 gallon batches were 1.014 and 1.008. The only issue I have with my batch is it tastes a bit hot, but it's 9%. I'm assuming...
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    Training Wheels Berliner - good intro to sours

    I'm picking up ingredients for this today, I'll be doing a 3 gallon batch, and probably started a second three gallon batch as soon as the first is done. A few questions, as this is clearly a good starter recipe: Has anyone tried this with plantarum 299? Does it end up tasting more sour...
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    Kettle Souring - Low PH tolerant strain for fermentation?

    This is awesome, I've been looking at making the Training Wheels Berliner ( and it turns out that I already have the probiotic I need. You guys just saved me $6! (and having to bother with a starter)
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    buying bulk juice or concentrate

    Treetop has something sold in bulk called heritage juice which is meant for fermenting. It comes in 5 gallon concentrate pails and larger. I wish I could get a smaller amount to give it a try as it supposedly has some tannin in it.
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    Elder-flower cider?

    The idea sounds delicious, enough so that I'll be picking up some Elder-flowers from my local Mexican grocery store. My only thought on the recipe is possibly soaking them in vodka instead of steaming to retain flavor, but that's just a guess.
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    Tart cherry juice as a cider flavoring?

    I bottle pasteurize, so there's no sorbate or sulfites added, and enough yeast in suspension to bottle carb. I add cider from my secondary to the bottling bucket, usually a gallon or two, then I add cherry juice in measured increments until I get it just so, then add sweetener, note the ratio...
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    Tart cherry juice as a cider flavoring?

    I use tart cherry as a flavoring fairly often. I usually put it in during bottling at around a 5/1 or so ratio. Honestly what I do is put in about 2 gallons of cider, add some tart cherry juice, taste, and adjust, then take that ratio up to the full 5 gallons. It does dominate the flavor, but...
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    What next? Progression in cider homebrewing.

    So I've been messing around with cider brewing for a few years now, I started how a lot of people did, with a gallon glass jug, some champagne yeast, and an airlock. Now I make about 5 gallons every few months with store bought juice, and I just picked up a 3 gallon keg and some CO2 so I can...
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    Probiotics VS Ale Yeast in Apple Juice

    I saw signs of fermentation within two days. I didn't bother with gravity readings as I just tossed a few caps of the probiotic in a 64oz bottle of apple juice and left the lid slightly loose. I may do a 1-2 gallon batch and be somewhat precise about it soon.
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    Probiotics VS Ale Yeast in Apple Juice

    Strange, I posted a reply last night and it disappeared. I did something similar, but with a different probiotic. Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic yeast. I decided to use it in some cider to make a probiotic cider, and aside from horrible floccuation it worked quite well. I didn't age...
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    Belgian Tripel Belgian Trippel (2006 World Beer Cup Gold Medal: Dragonmead Final Absolution clone)

    I'm about to transfer this to my secondary. I made a 3 gallon batch, the only changes being Fuggle instead of Goldings (HB shop was out) and 2 oz of Carapils for head retention. Tasting it, it's already quite good. I do have a couple of questions/ideas. Please note that I only brewed 3 gallons...