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    Cascadia trademark dispute:

    Ok. That makes sense. Being from a small island in western canada I guess I see a lot of cascadian dark ales and didnt reaally think it was prevalent elsewhere. I guess that is pretty small minded. Convinced.
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    Cascadia trademark dispute:

    What like English brown ale, czech pils, and California common? Yeah real "douchebags and asshats". Lighten up.
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    I like our cats, but

    That or whatever cleaner you use make them hork.
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    Walking Dead Comics.

    It seems like he went even crazier on TV even though he didn't see it happen. Im glad they have the phone hallucinations. Also not having the fevered Rick will make Carl somewhat different.
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    Walking Dead Comics.

    Kind of hoping they would come here.
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    Walking Dead Comics.

    Anyone read the walking dead graphic novels?
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    Cascadia trademark dispute:

    The idea of cascadia has been around since the 1800's and the actual term coined in 1970. So the beer is named after the place not a place named for beer
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    Cascadia trademark dispute:

    But isnt cascadia theoretically a place? How do you trademark that?
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    The Walking dead

    That makes sense. I just assumed it was a meatlocker full of year old rancid meat. Hence the horrified faces when it got opened.
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    Secondary with blow off?

    Regardless, it's still amusing.
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    Boycott stores on Thanksgiving day.

    ^Agreed. Thumbs up Jesus is chill as a muthafuka.
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    Just tried Anchor Steam (I think) WOW is this really Anchor Steam?

    Steam beer is a lager fermented at ale temps. So a FULL flavoured lager is what its like to me.
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    Boycott stores on Thanksgiving day.

    Meh. I work 8pm to between 5-9 am every holiday and 5-7 days a week the rest of the time. If anyone really gave a flying **** about family they would just do dinner another night.
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    6 gallons blackberry wheat 6 gallons pumpkin ale 6 gallons pale ale
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    Da## Meth Heads

    ;) sounds like homebrew
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    stupid joke for the day (9/22/12)

    Did you here about the eqyptian mummy they found covered in chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts? They dubbed him Pharoah Rocher.
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    Something to bring home from france

    I know that the Paris airport duty free sells very cheap cuban cigars. If you're into that sort of thing.
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    Wife's Birthday is tomorrow

    Chairman meow
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    How many blades in your razor?

    Ive got one blade. Straight. Circa 1840ish.
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    Sea-themed Brewery Names

    Rusted Anchor Brewing. I saw someone say spinnaker but thats a brewery in my town already.