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    Wheat Beer Questions

    I'm new to this and my LHBS gave me a recipe for a Belgian Wit or a wheat, not quit sure which. I was wondering if it looks good or should I change the ingrediants up a bit? Also this is a partial mash recie 6lbs LME Wheat 8 oz Carapils (grains) 1 oz Hallertau pellets at 60 min 1 oz...
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    Any good partial extract recipes?

    Ive only brewed extract kits so far and im trying to move to the next step and actually use grains and hops. I was wondering if anyone has some good directions on an easy partial extract recipe. My house is around 71 degrees F so i cant do anything that needs really cold temps.
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    Coopers Wheat extract kit enhancers

    I am just about to start the Coopers Wheat kit and I was wondering how to add coriander and orange zest to the brew, if I could even do this at all. Also how much of each should be used?
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    Bottling on the cheap side

    I just began brewing and i dont want to spend a lot of money on the bottles. Could i use a plastic bottle that previously had sparkling water in it to bottle my beer in? If thats not a good idea, what are some cheap alternatives to buying glass bottles and capping them?
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    Priming Sugar

    I only have a coopers micro brew set so i do not havea secondary or bottling bucket, but what is the best way to use LD Carlson priming sugar in my situation? I'd love it if there is an easy way to do it per bottle. I also need help figuring out how much to use per bottle.
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    Muntons Mexican Cerveza Kit

    I just bought a Muntons Mexican Cervesa kit and the directions aren't very clear to me. The directions say to begin fermenting at 18-21 degrees celsius which is a lot lower than all the Coopers kits I've tried. Also when it says to bottle, the kit says to store in a hot place for the first 2...