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    mosto d'uva grape concentrate of Consecration Type Sour

    Has anyone heard of or used Mosto d'Uva in a sour beer before? I have been doing a few sour mash beers using the spent grain from double 5 gallon batch brew days. I combine the spent grains into a cooler mash tun and pour 5 gallons of 158ish hot liqour onto it and then close the lid and let...
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    lagunitas waldo's special

    Good God All Mighty Gracious Tiny Little Baby Jesus Lord who reins above and brought us beer, this is a good one. Having produced some pretty note worthy IPAs before, I have yet to try my hand at a solid Double IPA or IIPA for those acronym types. Any idea how Lagunitas got this whooping...
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    Used chocolate stout slurry for a non-chocolate stout beer

    I did a total bone head move and pitched a pint of WLP004 slurry from a chocolate stout into a pale-ish batch. The hyrdo sample looked like sewer water. Not sure there is a SRM to capture this one. So I am thinking about steeping some crystal 80 or black patent in a half gallon of water for 45...
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    Farmers Market Cyser

    Around this time of year, the farmers markets have loads of great apples and awesome honeys. I buy the "seconds" or "non-pretty" apples for around .25 to .50 cents a pound direct from the farmer. This batch is all Fuji apples an it took about 12+ pounds to fill one gallon using a Breville style...
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    Lemon Pepper Weizen

    4# two row 3# white wheat 1 oz. hersbrucker 2.3%AA @ 60 min. Added 1/2 oz. of crushed coriander @ 5 min. 1/2 teaspoon course ground fresh black peppercorn @ flameout I was looking for a nice wheat beer to make before the indian summer hits San Francisco. I like hefe, and lemons, and...