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    Foaming up?

    So here's the problem. I've Never kegged before, and put two batches in kegs the other day. They've just been sitting under 12 lbs of pressure for 2 days, and i know they won't be fully carbed or even close yet, but i tried to pull a sample and all i got was foam. Is this simple because it's not...
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    Galaxy Hops?

    Just noticed these Australian hops called galaxy on midwest supplies. anyone use them before?
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    amazing pairing i just discovered

    Ok so this is going to sound off to some people at first i'm sure, but trust me it works. Me and my sister are in the very very very very early stages of opening a Brew pub, and for fun we like to try out recipes and beer pairings. We were going through the fridge, and sort of came up with...
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    Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

    Just tried this. My first taste from this brewery and i am in heaven right now. This thing is AMAZING! weighing in at a solid 9.2 ABV and 82 IBUs, this stuff must be the nectar of the gods. :mug:
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    how long until i need more yeast?

    ok so i put a batch of my camden common (it's a sort of american amber) in the fridge with the intention of cold crashing it for a week, and time sort of got away from me. it's been sitting in there for about two weeks now. Do I need to add some champagne yeast for bottling at this point, or...
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    some temperature concerns

    so i've been having some issues with my landlord that i won't really get into, but long story short i'm no longer living at my place, however my beer in primary is. I have a stout in primary that's been sitting out without any temperature control for maybe a week and a half now and don't really...
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    quick cold crashing question

    So i normally don't take too much stock in clarity, but as i've been improving in my brewing i've started to want to make clearer beer. I cold crashed my "Camden Common" (american amber with a little rye) and it's been sitting in the fridge for about three days now. Should i let it warm up for a...
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    hate my boss

    so i must admit i may have had some things to drink. I work as a cook and i love my job and the people i work with. Except my boss. There's three cooks at the most ever on in a pretty high volume kitchen, and we do a great job. Today an hour before the end of service, we told the servers we were...
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    Midwest AG Porter Kit

    so i posted this in the AG section but no one responded, thought i'd have better luck over here. Anyone tried this kit before? it's got twelve ounces of black malt which seems like a lot to me, but has good reviews on the website. anyone brewed it recently?
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    Midwest Porter Kit?

    anyone tried this one before? The grain bill is 9# 2 row, 8oz carapils, and 12 oz black malt. That seems like a LOT of black malt to me. anyone got an opinion on it?
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    malting your own?

    anyone ever try this? could it happen with just some extra space and an oven at home?
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    Siebel Institute of technology

    has anyone taken their associate brewers course before? i'm thinking of taking it online but would like to hear some opinions
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    the old dog series, could use quite a bit of help

    so after i finish with my current brewing projects, i want to brew a series of beers that require extended aging or are very old styles, or both. I want to brew 12 beers as sort of an extended research project on high gravity fermentation and diverse brewing techniques, and so far i have on the...
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    Cole Hamels

    is tied for the best record in the majors, and statistically the fifth best pitcher. i was hearing a lot of trash talk about my california dream boat cole in the off season, and the beginning of this one. anyone still doubt my man?
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    bottling bucket as mash tun?

    So i've been using the BIAB method for a while, but the size of my kettle prevents me from doing any beer that requires more then roughly nine pounds of grain, which means i either have to do smaller batch sizes or lower gravity beers, neither of which is something i prefer. I have absolutely no...
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    fruit flies

    Ok so, I've been using a bottling bucket as one of my primaries lately, since it makes a lot of things easier and when i prime with something like coopers carbonation drops it just makes the whole world a lot more pleasant. However, very recently a whole HELL of a lot of fruit flies have been...
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    Poor man's Pilsner

    So I'm starting to get into brewing some SMaSH brews to experiment with different flavors. I've always wanted to make a pilsner, just to prove to my BMC buddies that even the kind of beer they love slamming down can really be so much better. However, I'm not able to lager and as long as I remain...
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    BIAB color issues

    Hey guys, so i actually put a post about this a little while ago, and the problems persist. every time i brew, the beer comes out much lighter then what i'd like. my mild was a little more amber then brown, my bitter is more gold then amber, and so on. what could be the problem here? by the...
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    having trouble getting the right color

    so I just pulled a sample of both my mild and my belgian IPA, and while they taste just right, the color on both is a lighter then I had anticipated, a little in the mild and a lot in the belgian. I use the BIAB method, is there a chance some of my specialty malts aren't getting utilized? what...
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    how much rye is too much?

    Hey guys, so I'm working on a recipe I'm calling the "Camden Common" which is a pale ale ish beer that was inspired by where I grew up, camden county new jersey. it's supposed to be a little spicy, a little smokey, a little earthy. I do want all the flavor notes to be noticeable, but i want it...