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  1. SilverKing

    Blichman Beer Gun Help!!! - Leak

    yeah, switch the lines. They are swapped.
  2. SilverKing

    Question on cider fermentation

    It all depends on the yeast, determine the range the yeast can operate in and stick to that. EC-1118's range is gigantic, but optimal is between 59-77. You can probably ferment at 55, it will just move slowly.
  3. SilverKing

    I'm bringing back the "Is secondary necessary?" argument

    I feel like that is the best answer to so many questions. I think the question of "should i do ____ with my beer", should always depend on what the final goal is.
  4. SilverKing

    Blichman Beer Gun Help!!! - Leak

    yeah, the gas and liquid are totally separate in the gun. Gas needs to feed the brass fitting and liquid in the long stainless tube. Looks backwards
  5. SilverKing

    Cooler for Fermenting

    I use an igloo "Ice Cube" cooler. 60 Qts... holds a 6.5Gal fermenting bucket or any size carboy just fine. I grabbed mine from Walmart for $30 I think.
  6. SilverKing

    Using Gelatin for clearing

    I always use gelatin at normal ferm temps and always get fast results. 3 days and it's a clear as it's going to get.
  7. SilverKing

    oxy. barrier caps won't seal for me.

    I use the same capper and use O2 caps. Haven't had a problem yet.
  8. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    I wonder if the O-ring boss would bottom out before the tailpiece washer does. I actually found a guy down the street that offered to machine them. A bit more expensive, but might just work out.
  9. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    What makes you think I need SAE? Everything I can find so far calls for BSPP.
  10. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    no doubt. My main concern is when it gets cleaned with acid and/or caustic that reacts with the plating....also, the prolonged contact with beer.
  11. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    sure would, but I was looking for something with a bit more of a "professional" look. Only because I'm building it for a friend that wants to put it in his bar. It's a good option, for sure. Just not my first choice is all.
  12. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    good link. A length of shank is definitely on my fall-back list, I'm gonna check around and see if I can find a hex nipple first, but I'll bookmark the link for sure. thanks!
  13. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    I looked at those, but I'm not sure of the trivalent coating for beer line. Was looking to find stainless. They are on my list to call on Monday to see if they have a stainless part.
  14. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    flare fitting won't work, unfortunately.
  15. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    There really is no other way to do this without cutting the lines every time I need to reconfigure the system, which isn't an option here. I've found a bunch of suppliers for metric fittings, but not one that can sell very small quantities. What I need is a specialty plumbing or pipe source...
  16. SilverKing

    Help finding a pipe fitting??

    I'm looking for a hex nipple to connect two keg coupler nuts. The same nuts that connect to a keg coupler and/or the back end of a faucet shank. I just need a straight nipple to connect two of them. From what I can tell the thread size I'm looking for is listed as "7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP-british...
  17. SilverKing

    difference between s-type and 3 piece air lock

    3 piece is the only one I trust to be able to clean after a blowoff.
  18. SilverKing

    Large cooler chest at BJs

    I use a cooler setup just like that, except with no insulated lid, and I can still pull off 49degrees. And that's adding ice bottles 3 times a day with the cooler in my apartment. 60degrees is almost too easy...sometimes I get it too cold.:mug:
  19. SilverKing

    Slow Leak via Barb Swivel Nut

    Most new threaded disconnects have a plastic flare that does the sealing work just fine. Is yours like that? If so, take off the swivel nut and inspect the plastic flare...does it have any small chips in it? I've seen a few that got mishandled, dropped, etc and had a small chip or nick in...
  20. SilverKing

    Tampa’s National Homebrew Day Event

    It is, but it's celebrated with the Big Brew on the 1st Saturday in May. Good time today! Let's do it again in the fall.