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    FS: Grainfather Connect 120V T500 $500

    Selling one Grainfather with all that you see here. It includes a stirring paddle and an aerating paddle(from grainfather that attaches to a drill). Also includes jacket. The cover is not on the pump as the pump failed and I could not put the cover back on after installing the new pump. I do...
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    For Sale Lot of Brewing equipment including 2X Grainfather Connects and Conical Fermenter

    Hello, I am getting out of homebrewing and I am selling off my equipment. I am located in Northern VA and would like to sell the equipment as a lot. Lots included: 2x Grainfather Connects 1x Grainfather Conical Fermenter w/cooling kit and dual valve Tilt Hydrometer(i have new batteries...
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    Building a Kegerator... need help picking out my dual Reg setup

    Coverting a small frigidaire that everyone else has. Want the ability to run commercial 1/6th kegs with Sanke and also ball lock for my own brews... Any suggestions on a setup? Def planning on a 5# bottle. Thanks in advance.
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    Kegging a 5L and using a table top dispenser...? Questions Advice

    Anyone tried this? There seem to be a few systems for dispensing like the avanti mini pub and some others. Would like a table top setup as i dont have room for a kegerator in my apt. Been homebrewing for a bit now and just bottling... Figure i could try something new out w/o going full bore...