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    Refractometer Question

    Got a refractometer as a gift. the instructions indicate that the scale should show BOTH brix and SG readings, but it only shows brix not a big deal, because i can do the math but, if anybody else has one of these, is there a screw or adjustment somewhere to get both scales? It's...
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    My First Dunkel

    Somebody suggested i try to brew a small german dunkel, and so here's what i came up with? Wondering about the grains, or maybe going with all hallertauer hops. Thoughts and comments? Be gentle... it's my first time ========================================================= Wize...
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    Brewing with Rice

    when a recipe calls for rice in the brew are they talking about your basic white long grain rice, like we have in the pantry, or is it something specialized that comes from the lhbs? does it need to be mashed, or can it be steeped and used with an extract recipe? thanks
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    Speaking of New Toys at Christmas

    bench capper, or the two handed beauty for 11 bucks? is it worth the extra money for a bench capper?
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    It's Saturday Brewday - Watchya Makin?

    Today a nice brown ale for me. how about you? ps... I really like Saturday brewday.
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    Naming Beers

    I think I've decided to name my beers (when i get good enough to actually name them) after whatever i'm listening to on the ipod when i make them. Like, for the Zeppelin fans Black Dog Stout, Misty Mountain Dry Hopped Ale, Kashmir Krolsch, or Achilles Last Stand IPA. Thoughts and...
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    What did you learn this week?

    Everyone in here is a newbie (2 months for me), and we are all seeing the same stuff, and approximately the same time, and we are all learning from each other, as well as from the experienced hands in here who help us all out. My bet is that we all tend to learn things in approximately the...
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    Reading Recommendations?

    I travel a lot, and that means spending lots of time in airports, and on airplanes. Looking for a good, to very good, "hard copy" magazine that i can subscribe to, and stick in my brief case for carrying around, that isn't full of itself. I'm sure most have recipes, and such. Anything...
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    Newbie Question - When to Add the Extract

    So now I've done a couple batches with Dry Malt Extract, and have added the extract at the beginning of the boil. Results are reasonably good, and i have no complaints. I've seen differing opinions of when to add the extract. Some do it right at the beginning, some do it with 15 minutes...
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    is this a bad thing?

    i put my vacation schedule requests, through March, in based on my brew schedule and plans. and, i look at every single item in the cooking section at the store (and half the hardware) and try to figure out how i can use it for home brewing.
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    How long, brew to bottle to glass

    i've read 4 weeks, i've read straight out of primary, i've read the 1, 2, 3 method which is basically 6 weeks total from the brewpot to the glass. for a regular pale ale, what are some of the rules of thumb? also for a wheat? thanks
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    Cold crashing

    What is it, why, and how, is it done?
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    Newbie Question: Stay All Grain or Try Extract Brewing

    Brand new brewer, small batches of one gallon each. At this point i have 5 batches in various states of fermentation, and one in bottles (pale ale that i give a 2 star rating). obviously, i'm still learning a LOT about technique, and the art and science of home brewing. all my brewing...
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    Need Better Head (on beer, that is)

    ok, everyone can stop snickering now, and don't break any forum rules with the one liners that i'm certain will be posted here. the real question --> i drank my very first bottles of pale ale this week, and it was really tasty. the color was decent, clarity was not bad. i was very happy...
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    Specific Gravity Questions

    I'm a complete newbie, brewing small batches (1 gallon). Using the Beer Craft Book. Made 2 pale ales, and 2 wheat's, mostly to get "technique" down. First thing i've noticed is that my specific gravity readings are very, very, different than those in the recipes, and i seem to have a...