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  1. boomguy

    Ebiab schematic

    Hi Guys. I have decided to take the plunge into e brewing from propane! I have acquired some parts already and decided on this schematic to follow from doug293cz. It seems to tick the right boxes for pid and heating element, 5500 watts, i just would like some confirmation that this schematic is...
  2. boomguy

    Wanted... Ebiab controller

    Looking for a ebiab controller, can be either 120 or 240v, brand name or diy. Chris
  3. boomguy

    Silver Solder help in Canada

    Hi everyone from Vancouver BC, hope there is someone that can steer me in the right direction towards a silver solder that will work for soldering couplers into my keggles. Up here we seem to have a very limited selection and I have searched a bunch of different threads hoping for some answers...
  4. boomguy

    Chamomile Wheat for wifey

    Hey Folks, trying to put together a recipe for the wife in along the lines of a chamomile wheat ale that also uses up some ingredients I have laying around. Any thoughts or ratio adjustments would be well received. Here is a link to the brewtoad recipe rainy-day-wheat ale or a quick rundown...
  5. boomguy

    quick starter question

    Do I siphon or pour off the some of the liquid on top of the white yeast line before adding it to the starter? I have read you don't need a starter if you will be pitching it into aa lower og beer, say 1050. This was harvested from an ale that I recently brewed. My starter is at 1040, is that...
  6. boomguy

    Tripel yeast harvest

    I have tried three times to try and harvest some yeast from a belgium yeast and I think that after three days I am seeing some activity, my wort was at 1.020 when I added the yeast from a bottle of karmeleit tripel. Small islands of bubbles are starting to show. What is the best way to...
  7. boomguy

    Noob all grain on his second try

    Started down the path of all grain and decided to go small to try it out, 1 gallon brewing. I picked up a small 3 gallon cooler that I have converted to a mash tun, I have put two batches through it so far and the first try I hit my dough in of 150, held even for an hour, missed my mash...
  8. boomguy

    Stupid Refractometer...Stupid Me

    Wanted to start doing some 1 gallon batches to get used to ratios and grain boils so I bought a refractometer. Yay new toy, yay calibrated it, yay checked it agianst my hydrometer for a partial mash stout, perfect I thought, all is good. No! Not all is good because I started using it with my...
  9. boomguy

    water loss calculations

    So I was really wanting to try an all grain batch of beer and thought I would venture down the 1 gallon path since I had a few 160 ounce glass jugs kicking about. Next with the help of Hopville I came up with a recipe that made sence, at least to me,, this...
  10. boomguy

    First brew.... heart pounding!

    Its been a long time since I had brewed and wow had I forgotten what a hot break is like, to have that foam reaching for the rim of the kettle with all that wort boiling hard below the surface. I got through it though with the help of a spray bottle and my finger hovering above the temp...
  11. boomguy

    Recipe check for a Coopers IPA

    So after lurking, reading and studying a few of the hundreds of threads on this forum I drew up a conservative recipe for a Coopers IPA that I picked up at the supermarket the other day to get back into brewing. This recipe would be based around the insrtuctions I found in the beginners forum...