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    Pineapple cider..... Wine?

    Cracked open my first batch of straight 100% pineapple juice and EC-1118 yeast. It sat in primary for over a month, secondary for 2 months and then a third racking for another month before bottling. Bottle primed with table sugar and let them sit for another 4 months. Came out bright...
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    Belgian Blond Ale Revvy's Belgian Blonde (Leffe Clone)

    Racked my first attempt at this recipe this weekend. Because my thermometer busted at the start of the brew day, I mashed too low so it finish way low. FG = 1.008 It has a bit more hop bitterness but is still darn good. The WLP 530 blew into the airlock three times before settling down. It is...
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    mosto d'uva grape concentrate of Consecration Type Sour

    Thanks for the info. Like usual in home brewing, what you think is novel has already been done.
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    mosto d'uva grape concentrate of Consecration Type Sour

    Has anyone heard of or used Mosto d'Uva in a sour beer before? I have been doing a few sour mash beers using the spent grain from double 5 gallon batch brew days. I combine the spent grains into a cooler mash tun and pour 5 gallons of 158ish hot liqour onto it and then close the lid and let...
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    Belgian Blond Ale Revvy's Belgian Blonde (Leffe Clone)

    Brewed this up on Saturday. Thermometer was busted so my mash temp was off, first too high then too low... Like a reverse step mash. Still hit the numbers within 3 points. Pitched a little over 1L of starter at 68 degrees. It is now going strong and free rose to 72 degrees. Entering this one in...
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    Stainless fire extinguisher fermemter/keg

    I have had one of these old stainless steel water extinguishers in my garage thinking I was going to turn it into a keg. I ended up just getting some corny keys instead. Then, last month, I ran out of fermenters and needed to a place to rack and age a small batch of sour brown ale. After a bit...
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    Second runnings sour mash

    Bumping this thread because I too have found this a great and easy way to get a sour beer pipeline going. I did a doble doble for my son's birth using 28 some odd pounds of Belgian Pils and a touch of biscuit malt. After running the main 1.112 (some sugar added) and a second smaller beer...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    Racked my first batch from primary the other day. Thankfully the chunky hunks of caramelized sugar were indeed eaten up by the yeasties. Now for the "dunked in honey part" and bottling.
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    Czech Premium Pale Lager Bohemian Pilsner (Silver Medalist)

    I brewed a similar Bo pils today also based on Pope Jamil's recipe. I upped the challenge a bit by doing a short glucan rest, a protein rest, and a sacc rest. Reached each step with a thick decoction added back to the cooler mash tun. Was a little low on the main rest coming in at 150 instead of...
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    Got this bubbling away under the kitchen table right now. I added a little DAP during the sugar caramel stage which altered the texture for a while. It crystalized right away in the fermenter and did not mix in very will even with a power drill mixer. Should be fine though.
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    Brewing with Calendula flowers

    Sweet! Glad to hear it worked out. I like the idea of using nasturtium in a saison given the peppery floral hint it would add. It grows everywhere around here so it is easy to source a ton of flowers. As for the calendula, my wife has a huge dried bag of them for making cosmetics/lotions. I...
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    Brewing with Calendula flowers

    Did you end up brewing it? I was looking to use some dried calendula in a mead or maybe as a dry hopped for a Belgian golden.
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    Doble-Doble Toil and Troble?

    I too am doing the Doble in a few weeks. Going with a pretty straight grain bill of either 22# MO or Belgian Pils & 2# Caramunich plus a pound of EKG. Probably going to pitch on either WLP 500 or some Notty. Here is what I am thinking: 12# in the cooler mashtun w/ 6 gallons @ 152 for 20 min...
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Summer/Winter Solstice Clone

    Having brewed this and being a big fan of the original by AVBC, I can confirm that the only "spice" addition is vanilla in the Summer version. The hard part to nail is the "crema" part of the "cervesa." A bit higher mash temp or some maltodextrine can help... and good yeast health during...
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    Berliner Wiesse questions....first time

    I also am starting my first Berliner in a couple of days. I do a fair bit of lacto fermenting of veges like kraut and various pickles. In researching the lacto strains, I noticed the one main ones that "spoil" beer is L. Casei. Having my first son on Fathers Day, I have a whole new batch of gear...
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    Honey Blonde Ale

    I have done honey malt and while it is honey-ish, it can be cloying in the finished beer. I have also added honey to the end of the boil and it be barely detectable but is was there. The best honey flavor I have found is by using a .5 to pound of a strong flavored honey at flame out and the add...
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    In need of recipe help for single hop IPA series

    Because you are using LME or DME, you can just boil the water with the buttering hops only. Add the extract in the last 15 mins. along with the finishing hops. Throw in your final aroma hops at flame out. Because the extract has already been boiled, you can get better hop utilization by adding...
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    A "normal" stout?

    I would agree with the above grain bill but you could add a bit of special B, chocolate malt, and or some oats. A few oz. up to a 1/2 lb. would do it. Mash high at 156 and it will be sweet and chewy. Mash low at 150 and it will be dry let a bit of bitterness through. Yeast is also a big flavor...
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    Barleywine - Will it last 20 years?

    I am continuing my research to do the doble doble as well. First kid on the way any day now. I really would prefer to bottle as I like the idea of having a sample each year on the way up to 21. But I think somewhere around 17 to 18, it is gonna be hard to hide my reactions to tasting the sample...
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    lagunitas waldo's special

    Good God All Mighty Gracious Tiny Little Baby Jesus Lord who reins above and brought us beer, this is a good one. Having produced some pretty note worthy IPAs before, I have yet to try my hand at a solid Double IPA or IIPA for those acronym types. Any idea how Lagunitas got this whooping...