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  1. Oldyote

    Double IPA Water Chem Question

    I've used the Brewer Friend Water Chemistry Calculator for many of my beers. I'm trying to get to a good profile for a big IPA and am having trouble coming up with anything that doesn't put in the "danger do not drink this is poison" column. My profile is Ca 14, Mg 3, SO4 9, Na 8, Cl...
  2. Oldyote

    What do you do when it's too windy to fish?

    Make Bacon Explosion :ban:
  3. Oldyote

    Looking for food and beer in Atlanta.

    I'll be in staying in Atlanta close to Centennial Park and am looking for suggestions for food and drink. I'm hoping to find a place with good BBQ and beer. Any suggestions?
  4. Oldyote

    Need Help - Looking for Suggestions for Rush River Double Bubble Imperial IPA

    I really like this beer. Anyone tried to clone this puppy?
  5. Oldyote

    Best Song By The Best Artist You've Never Heard Of

    I love music. I may actually perish without it. I'm always looking for something new. Share the name of a song by the best artist (individual or group) that you think very few people really know about. Mine is by a local favorite Charlie Parr "1922"
  6. Oldyote

    19 hours later

    I love pulled pork, almost as much as I love beer. Making it and eating it. :ban:
  7. Oldyote

    "Big Red" Kamado Kooker at Menards

    I picked up one of these at Mendards for $348.00 I have a Large Big Green Egg but wanted a cooker/smoker for our cabin. The price was right but I'm curious if anyone on the forum has one or knows anything about them. I can't find a thing on the web.
  8. Oldyote

    ton of trub

    I had an issue tonight with my hop blocker and without going into great detail, will end up with a huge amount of trub at the bottom of my carboy. I pitched the yeast but am now wondering if I should move it and re-pitch once it all settles out or if I should just let it be.
  9. Oldyote


    My four year old made this guy over the weekend. He just looked like he was meant to be on a beer bottle.
  10. Oldyote

    Better Bottle Advice Needed

    I have four glass carboys (6.5, 6. two 5s). Lately I've been looking at the Better Bottles especially after reading a couple of stories about broken or shattered bottles. I wondering how Better Bottle owners like the bottles compared to glass and if I should go with the valves. Also curious...
  11. Oldyote

    Wort Chiller Copper Questions

    I want to make a wort chiller. For the design I want to build I need 50 feet. Both of my local stores have two options for copper tubing. The first is L grade and it only comes in 20 foot lengths. The L grade says it is for use with water and so I'm assuming would be safe to submerge in my...
  12. Oldyote

    This weekends brew

  13. Oldyote

    Chocolate Nibs

    I'm working up a Chocolate Wheat Stout Recipe and want to use Chocolate Nibs. I'm wondering about using them in the primary and how much to use.
  14. Oldyote

    Big Green Egg Turkey

    OK so I realize this has nothing to do with beer, although I do plan on drinking beer with the turkey. I have a big green egg (ceramic cooker) and have made a variety of different recipes but never a turkey. I've volunteered to make the bird this year and am looking for any suggestions...
  15. Oldyote

    Big Green Egg Turkey

  16. Oldyote

    Its a Burly OX

    I like how this one is turning out. Hope I like the beer as much as the label.
  17. Oldyote

    toasting oats and barley question

    I'll be brewing up a recipe where I would like include toasted oats and barley. I am wondering if I should do this just prior to adding all my grains to my mash tun or is there a benefit to letting the oats and/or barley rest. If so how long would I want it to rest? I'd also be interested in...
  18. Oldyote

    Northern Brewer Black IPA

    I'm making Northern Brewer's Black IPA right now. Just thought I'd share. Have a great weekend all.
  19. Oldyote

    RV Water Filter Question

    I’ve been using a RV filter with my tap water but always get a little worried when I’ve not brewed for awhile. I know that both the RV hose and the filter I use have some water sitting in there from the last brew session. I always run the tap for about five minutes before filling my kettle to...
  20. Oldyote

    Question about cold crashing and bottling

    Until now I have always used a secondary before bottling. I've decided to skip the secondary but would like to cold crash the primary. Typically my primary would be sitting at some optimal yeast fermentation temp when I add the priming sugar . When I take my primary out of the fridge I'm...