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    Whats your favorite porter?

    Flying dog gonzo is an imperial porter I really like but drink it slow its got quite a kick
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    can do all-grain, but not full boil

    I brew all grain using the brew in the bag method, and rarely even bother to sparge, much less get my total full kettle volume. I just mash boil and dilute to the desired volume after its all done. I usually get around 70% mash efficiency doing it this way, and have ran my homebrew through a...
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    Cough Syrup Taste?

    those medicinal cough syrup tastes are usually phenols. they can result from infections or yeast stress, if your yeast was healthy and sanitation was right, i'd be inclined to think they would age out
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    "Guilty" confessions of a beer enthusiast

    I'm 22. A forty of old milwaukee is sometimes the only appropriate choice.
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    526 fell right off the counter
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    Attempting 40%+ ABV beer... "Barley Brandy"

    bottlebomber- that is one impressive picture
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    New post a picture of your pint

    elevn days grain to glass and it's that brite? how'd you pull that off
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    Berliner Weisse Methods

    easiest way i've heard to do this, though in my mind it only really works for kegging since it needs to be consumed quickly, is to not boil the wort and simply add hops to the mash. hops will keep other nasty bugs out, and the lacto that was originally on the grain will slowly become active...
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    worst beer you ever made

    mines in the keg right now, I don't always check gravities but this pale ale must have had some real low efficiency because it's just watered down and bland, the bmc crowd (i.e. most of my buddies) seem to enjoy it though, so i can drink my porter and they can drink this
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    Brewing with hay??

    hey there, old thread but an idea. When Chicha is brewed the beer is filtered through hay or straw. Why not bring the water to a boil. turn the heat off, and the fermentables, and then strain the whole thing through some hay into the boil kettle.
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    5 weeks in primary, stuck at 1.021

    the one thing to consider is that if the beer is under attenuated and you add sugar at bottling, the yeast may get all excited again and also ferment the sugars still left in the beer, causing over carbing. However, i doubt that'll be an issue. like everyone else said, it's probably done and...
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    Foaming up?

    So here's the problem. I've Never kegged before, and put two batches in kegs the other day. They've just been sitting under 12 lbs of pressure for 2 days, and i know they won't be fully carbed or even close yet, but i tried to pull a sample and all i got was foam. Is this simple because it's not...
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    Coffee flavor mellowing

    let it age, let it age.
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    Who here has made a home brew with maple syrup? Advice? Lessons learned?

    I've made three maple beers, one pound in secondary is all you need
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    What are you drinking now?

    Had some Brooklyn Brewery oktoberfest over the weekend
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    Do I have a problem?

    that stable too high gravity may be a sign of stalled fermentation, but maybe not. don't touch it for a while, i mean a while, like 2 weeks. if at that point the gravity is still high search stalled fermentation and you'll find out how to fix it. but you don't have a problem just yet.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Victory Prima Pils, great stuff
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    Frustrated on my beer...

    lotsss of stuff to steep
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    Addressing a few myths...

    I gotta say i totally agree with not needing to do AG to make great beer. I do AG most of the time, but gotta say lately i've been making more and more extract batches because it's easier. less fuss means brewing can work into my day instead of being my whole day, and i gotta say i like the...
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    What's your go-to-homebrew?

    the only two recipes I've ever repeated are my mild and amber ale, but i like to keep them around