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  1. Kerrbrewer

    Props for hbs

    I ordered a Chapman Thermobarrel from homebrew4less. It was significantly less expensive than anywhere else I looked. They had it drop shipped from a distributor close by and I receved in 2 days. I was impressed! If you are shopping for new equipment I would look there.
  2. Kerrbrewer

    I goofed! When can I add more H2O

    Doing a wine kit at the request of my sig other. I followed the instructions of adding bentonite, syrup & water. I misread and topped off to 5 gallons because it said 5 imp gallons. The fermentation is well under way. Can I add water at a later step after fermentation is done?
  3. Kerrbrewer

    Temp contolled Chapman fermenter

    Over this weekend I did a test of my modified chapman fermenter. I basically set it up like the ss brewbucket. I used a 25 ft 1/4" ss wort chiller a itc 1000 temp controller and a cool brewing bag. I drilled holes in the lid for the chiller and a hole in the #10 stopper for a thermowell. I was...
  4. Kerrbrewer


    First post been trolling awhile. Planning my first batch with a lager yeast. It will be an ale and uses lager yeast like a CA Common. I have a ferment chamber and have no problem controlling temp during my primary ferment. Its after primary that im not sure of. Should I do a d-rest and cold...