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    So, what is your glass of beer of choice?

    The tulip looks quite awesome
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    So, what is your glass of beer of choice?

    I'm pretty partial to either a 16oz pint or a 14oz Glass steins. I of course enjoy speaking like a leprechaun at every occasion saying "Woudja like a bowl of stew and a tankard of ale" :D What about you guys?
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    How much do you brew yearly?

    For me it's arounf 30-35 gallons a year. 50% being drunk by guests.
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    House hops

    What do you use the most? Do you guys have base hops (akin to base malts) that you keep in bulk perhaps? I got a pound of Ekg, I was wondering about you guys?
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    Best Bitter Yeoman Special Bitter

    Finishing a keg of that, it's pretty tasty, I wanted something different than the Common Room ESB as I got a pound of EKG earlier this year, it's quite a good brew. Will brew again. :mug:
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    Anyone tried Canada Malting's "la Québécoise" two row?

    I checked with my LHBS, it's malted in Montreal. :mug:
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    How much base malt do you consome in a year?

    Never more than 110 lbs. :tank:
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    Kegerator owners, how many taps?

    I would make him brew.
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    Anyone tried Canada Malting's "la Québécoise" two row?

    I hope it's malted in Montreal. But the grain comes from Québec though at least. :confused:
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    Anyone tried Canada Malting's "la Québécoise" two row?

    It's from my province :rockin: I'd like to know how it would react as my go to base grain? That means that 90% of my "grain money" stays home! :D
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    Kegerator owners, how many taps?

    I have two taps myself with nothing at the moment (recently moved) and I ask myself the same thing. Two taps is still 10 gallons of ale to drink by myself with friends. :confused:
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    Kegerator owners, how many taps?

    And of course, what is on tap now? :rockin:
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    Beer transplant

    That happens I guess, I should have kept a few dry yeast packs on hand. We used to do this ale with LondonAle 1028 in the first iterations, so I guess that S-04 would have been a decent sub in a pinch.
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    Beer transplant

    Yeah sorry that was unclear, once I smacked it, it was room temp for 48 hours without swelling.
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    Beer transplant

    Basically I made two ales, a Strong Bitter and my spicy scotch ale. The bitter used a dry yeast. I waited for 48 hours for the smack pack to swell too. It was refrigerated the whole way. The Scotch ale did not even move gravity wise, while my Bitter was already crazy going, so I used 500 ml...
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    Beer transplant

    So I brewed two ales yesterday, one with S-04 and one with Wyeast Scotch Ale 1728. However the pack did not swell at all, I figured they do that sometimes. 24 hours after I took a gravity reading still at the OG. SO I guess I just have bad yeast this time around. For science (and because I...
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    Beer prices?

    How much is a case of beer and a pint where you are? Quebec City, Canada Pint ±6$ CAD 24 Case of Beer: 24$ + taxes and deposit. How about you guys? :D
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    Do you have any "base beers" ?

    I was wondering, since I want to improve on technique and get a consistent taste, I have been doing a only few recipes in the last two years. An APA An ESB A Quebec styled Belgian A spicy scotch ale A Brown Mild An Oatmeal Stout I have done each at least 2-3 times already, just to get great...
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Common room ESB