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  1. Cede

    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    You can add a few oz of carapils / carafoam for head retention.
  2. Cede

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    The pi should be in a box anyway far from spills :) Powering the pi from the header can be problematic sometimes. I do not have the board so I can't say about the components. A small short could trigger the transistor of the buzzer.
  3. Cede

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Yes it's on i2c , I might do some 1 wire as I already did flowmeters on 1 wire for a commercial project.
  4. Cede

    Anyone brewing Brut IPA?

    You're making me thirsty ! Has anyone tried to add sweet orange peel ? Or would it be too much ?
  5. Cede

    Anyone brewing Brut IPA?

    I did not try this new style yet but I find it interesting and reading the recipes and comments is tempting. I have the amylases as I use them for some other beverages and I think I will try a mash whisky style and see where it goes.
  6. Cede

    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Hi all, I left abruptly brewing hobby and took me about 5 years to be back. Well, before leaving, I was working on a system a bit like the craft beer pi, but was using a beagle bone black because of the processing units and their abilities to act a bit like onboard arduinos and being able to...
  7. Cede

    Do you disassemble and clean NPT fittings every brew?

    I rarely disassemble the fittings on my setup. I use 3 pieces ball valves and I take them apart maybe once or 2 in the year. Rest of the time I fill half the hot water keg with water and a cleaner made for maple sap equipment. I circulate half of that to the mash tun and then recirculate thru...
  8. Cede

    Canadian Roll Call!!

    Just stopped by to say hello ! Long time I did not fire the rig because of too many things :) But I shall soon !
  9. Cede

    Beating a dead horse... kinda

    I have one of those paid 1/2 price in spécial. This might be good as hlt but thermostat is crap. It might be precise at +/- 20 deg. I use mine as a boiler for 3 gals batches and works fine for that I did not tested for full 5 gals batches but from my experience it would take really long time to...
  10. Cede

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Add me to the giveaway ;) Does it work to make an automatic slapping machine too ? :D
  11. Cede

    Need help with automation direct switches

    Yes, sorta. Wire switch terminal one to live, the other to the relay coil, and from the other pin of the relay coil to neutral. You can wire the light in the switch in parallel with the charge at the relay contacts.
  12. Cede

    Need help with automation direct switches

    Just put a relay ie 781-1C-120A 120V coil, 15A contact rating
  13. Cede

    Winter and my keezer

    Same trouble here during winter. I took what I had on hands, an aquarium heater, an aquarium pump, a small fan and an oil radiator. With a few lengths of tubing and a gallon, I made a heater ;) When it gets close to freewing, the fan, the heater and the pump turn on and voilà. It heats...
  14. Cede

    Spray Balls

    I don't know as I used a copper manifold just above grain bed. Maybe just coolness attitude when you say look at my ball ? ;)
  15. Cede

    Spray Balls

    That's what I was thinking at first. As most of my brewer's knowledge is based on trial and error.... I might try one of those days for sparging!
  16. Cede

    Spray Balls

    That's why I asked :) Yes they are supposed to be used for in place sanitizing.
  17. Cede

    Spray Balls

    Hi, is anybody using a spray ball like this for sparging ? I'd like some comments on usability and effectiveness. I saw a brewery using this but can't get hands on website Thanks
  18. Cede

    Apartment RIMS - crazy idea?

    If you want to do 5 gals per session, 8qts will be way too small if you go with 1qt/1lb ratio.
  19. Cede

    Apartment RIMS - crazy idea?

    For 650$ you can make a good setup even if it's a simple one. I was thinking of one boil kettle that can be used to boil and heat water, a kettle to mash ( a cooler is nice ) and one last kettle as buffer. The buffer can hold wort during sparge and then you pump the wort to the boiler, all...
  20. Cede

    homemade false bottom

    I get the nitric acid from a shop that sells industrial cleaning supplies.