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    Need a corny filled

    I need some beer for my b-day party. The Blonde Ale I made is exhibiting weird surface bubbles and won't be ready. Anyone in the ATL area feel like filling my keg with the beer of choice for a "donation" to their beer/steak fund?
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    Help, I have a problem, need some beer...

    I need a corny keg filled or a corny keg already filled with some lager or blonde ale by this weekend. Is there anywhere/anyone that can do that?
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    1st bottling done

    Hope it turns out well, but it may have to recover from my stupidty/noobishness for a few months LOL I may have borked it :D Oh well, I think it will be beer :rockin:
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    Noob, gelatin and cold crash

    Here's the scoop, first brew and realize I may have done some stuff not quite "right". Brewed a brown english ale on the 12/23. Didn't bother to check anything and threw it in the primary in the hall closet (proceded to asplode sometime between xmas eve and xmas morning, good time SWMBO laughed...