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    #DreamJob: My version of going Pro!

    Hi all, I haven't posted here for a while as i've been busy finishing a geochemistry master's thesis an job hunting. I'm here to report that i've just accepted, and soon will be starting an amazing job. Starting in January, i'm going to be a Beer QA Chemist for Deschutes Brewing Co. in Bend...
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    Barleywine questions

    Hey all, I just brewed a barleywine a bit ago and I have a couple questions. I did end up using some malt extract, but it was still a hefty mash! It's been fermenting for about a week now, but I definitely do want to age it at least a year or so. The high-kreusen stage just elapsed and the...
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    Starter concern

    I have a yeast starter i'm a bit concerned about. It's the wyeast 1056 strain, and i used it to ferment three batches of beer so far (all pale ales). I saved the yeast by washing it into a 1 gal jug and discarded most of the heavier dregs. I've done this several times, but now, it's been...
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    4th try at root beer

    Yep, i've tried to make a root beer three times already with no success. Admittedly, most of my previous attempts i've way over complicated the recipe and have relied on yeast and bottling to provide carbonation. I've tried to make alcoholic root beers, non-sweet rootbeer, lactose rootbeer, and...
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    Why aren't my hops growing?

    I've tried growing hops a few times now without success. A couple years ago, I planted two Willamette rhizomes, and now this year, about a month ago, I planted three cascade rhizomes. Of the Willamette that I planted a few years ago, one never grew more than 2 feet high and the other never got...
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    Composing spent grains

    Hey all. I'm sure there's been a lot of discussion about what people do with spend grains, but i'm specifically asking about composting here. After every brew I dump my spent grains in a corner of my yard in a nice big conical pile. I figured they would decay on their own and we could use it as...
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    How's my pH?

    I just brewed an IPA yesterday with a fairly new setup and my first time using my new pH meter. So i just want to run my numbers past you guys and see if i got in the good range. First of all, my ion totals after my salt additions were near: 11 ppm Mg+2, 13 ppm Na+, 136 ppm Ca+2, 247 ppm...
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    pin lock for ball lock?

    Hi. I'm in San Jose, California. I just got into kegging and would you believe that for christmas i got 1 pin lock keg and 1 ball lock keg? Crazy. My system is currently the pin-lock set up, so i would love to trade out my one ball lock keg for another pin-lock keg. Straight trade. Can swap a...
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    Biscuit Brown Ale biscuits

    I'm planning my next brew to be a "Biscuit Brown Ale" I love the flavor of that biscuit malt, so this is my attempt to see how well I can push that flavor forward. Then, my homebrew club decided to do a "Strange brew" competition, so I thought I might just take the idea of this recipe and make...
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    Hopunion Hop & Brew school

    I'm heading up to Yakima in a couple days for Hopunion's Hop and brew school. A few other guys from my local homebrew club are also going and we're going to tour some additional local hop farms around there. Anyone else from here going this year? It's going to be almost a whole week of geeking...
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    Scottish Sand 80 2.0

    I'm brewing this Scottish 80 shilling ale for a competition coming up in my local club in a few months. I haven't brewed it yet, but I thought i'd post my recipe and intentions here a few days before I brew it to get any feedback I can. As far as grain bill, I put together:: 4 lbs pale...