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  1. Brewskey

    Gambrinus 30L Dark Munich

    Has anyone tried this stuff? I'm having a hard time finding a review or any reliable looking posts about this malt. I was thinking of using some in a Vienna lager, more of a Negra Modelo clone because of its darker color. Thanks
  2. Brewskey

    Alabama Huntsville, AL Co2 Refill?

    Anybody know where to get Co2 in Huntsville? Thanks
  3. Brewskey

    Done with the plate chiller....

    I really hate my Duda Diesel plate chiller.....really hate it. I think it has clogged every single time I've brewed with it no matter what I do. I brewed a batch this evening with 4oz of pellet hops that were in Lowe's paint strainer bags and it still clogged from the stuff that made it through...
  4. Brewskey

    Alabama Wish You Were Beer Huntsville, AL

    I moved to Huntsville in November and was disappointed that there really wasn't a good homebrew store in the area. Luckily, "Wish You Were Beer" opened a few weeks ago at Campus 805 and I couldn't be happier! Grain by the sack, White Labs and Wyeast, Nice hop selection that is actually stored in...
  5. Brewskey

    Score Sheets

    What is the normal wait time for receiving score sheets back from a competition? They mailed the medal to me but I have not seen my score sheets. It's been almost two weeks. Is this the norm?
  6. Brewskey

    Keg It?

    I've been at this for about three years now with only one unconfirmed infection to date. But, I brewed Orfy's Hobgoblin clone and it refused to budge past 1.018 so, after pulling the stopper and taking samples for gravity readings way too many times I've got a definite film growing on the...
  7. Brewskey

    Brett Pellicle, I think...

    I brewed a 1.051 OG brown porter back on 12/15/13 and fermented with S-04. Almost a month later(1/12/14) I checked the gravity and it was sitting at 1.021, BeerSmith estimated FG to be 1.014 so I gave it a swirl and moved it somewhere a little warmer. Checked gravity again on 1/23, it had only...
  8. Brewskey

    First lager experience

    Steam beer actually, WLP810. I brewed this beer on July 4th, let it sit on the yeast at 57F until July 24th and bottled. This beer tasted terrible, very funky, the best I can describe is that it was similar in taste to a hefeweizen. I pitched the yeast a little warm so I figured the batch was...
  9. Brewskey

    Beersmith IBUs too high

    I entered the recipe seen at the link below into BeerSmith and got some crazy numbers for IBUs. The recipe estimates 90-95 IBU, BeerSmith says 232(Tinseth). My boil times and volumes match what the recipe says. Any ideas? Thanks...
  10. Brewskey

    Bottle Conditioning with 1056

    My experience with this yeast is that it doesn't floc "tightly" in the bottom of the bottle. Its difficult to pour a beer without disturbing it no matter how careful you are. Is this common with this strain or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  11. Brewskey

    Refractometer confusion

    I just finished fermenting my first all grain batch, just a simple APA nothing fancy. OG according to my ATC refractometer was 1.050, a little shy of my target gravity but still okay. Fermentation was business as usual it seems and there is definitely alcohol in the beer. But, when I take a...
  12. Brewskey

    Mash thickness question

    Going to do my first AG batch soon. I've been doing a lot of reading and every source recommends a different amount of strike water to use. I've seen 1.5qt per pound and 1, 1.1, 1.2 on up to 2 qt per pound. Was hoping to see what the general consensus was around here. Thanks!