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  1. breckenridge

    Pennsylvania Blichmann Top Tier 3 Burner System, Pump, Mash Controller, Therminator, and Vessels

    Selling my Top Tier...sorry for the sloppy tags. [/url]IMG_2525 by breckenridge25, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_2526 by breckenridge25, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_2528 by breckenridge25, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_2529 by breckenridge25, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_2533 by...
  2. breckenridge

    Harvested DuPont won't flocc

    Well well well, what have we here? It's not WLP007, that's just an old marking. This is DuPont yeast harvested from a bottle of Vielle Provision, stepped up three times in the original bottle with small volumes (~10-->50-->150 mL) of low gravity (~1.020) starter, then put on a stir plate...
  3. breckenridge

    Pennsylvania Moving Sale - Water Filter, JaDeD Cyclone, Mini-fridges, Coffee roaster

    Hello All, Moving and buying our first home, so it's finally time to sell some of the things I've been meaning to sell for some time. With all of these items, if you can get to the East Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, no shipping. We're having a yard sale next weekend (Memorial Day...
  4. breckenridge

    1.005 Runoff, expected efficiency, but low pre-boil volume?

    The last two times I've fly sparged, I've had the same problem: my pre-boil volume is 2-2.5 gallons short (10 gallon batches), I catch the runoff well below where I'd like to have stopped collecting, but the collected wort is higher gravity than I expected, and there's still 2+ gallons of...
  5. breckenridge

    2 keggles and burner for sale - Philadelphia

    I've got two keggles I would like to sell, one originally built for BIAB that I have been using as a HLT, and one done up for a boil kettle. HLT/BIAB has sight glass and analog thermometer (remarkable accurate and reliable), with a 3-piece ball valve with male 1/2" camlock fitting and dip tube...
  6. breckenridge

    secondary regulator fail - advice?

    I have a quad-block of Micromatic secondary regulators, and the third one in the chain has stopped working. Gauge reads zero, no pressure, no pour. All the others are working just fine. This might have been the secondary that got some saison in it when I first hooked it up - minor...
  7. breckenridge

    Golden Promise and...? Help me choose an English hop for SMaSH bitter

    Title says it all. Doing a SMaSH bitter this weekend, have an unopened sack of Simpson's Golden Promise. Did a partigyle of GP/Bramling Cross over the summer, and the bitter kicked quicker than any other keg I've done in two plus years. (Barley wine to be opened at Xmas) Thinking something...
  8. breckenridge

    Now What Do I Do with this Munich?

    I got 10 lb of Weyermann Munich Malt, thinking I was going to do a near-SMsSH Dusseldorf Altbier. Well, I changed my mind, I'm not doing that beer now, and probably not be doing it anytime soon. I'm trying to recall if I've ever used Munich malt before, and can't think of a time in the 2+...
  9. breckenridge

    Best yeast for dunkelweizen and weisbock?

    I'm planning to keep one of my taps loaded with dunkelweizen for the indefinitely long future, perfecting over a long period of time, carefully tweaking one element at a time. What yeast do you all suggest that could work for both that and eventually a weisbock? I'm not a huge fan of big...
  10. breckenridge

    Year-Round Styles? Help Me Pick 4 to Perfect

    So, I've been brewing about 2 years now, and it's time to get serious (-ish). I want to narrow my scope, and really nail down a few sessionable styles to keep on tap until I feel like I've got them down cold to the finest detail, even if that means not changing a tap's style for...however many...
  11. breckenridge

    WLP565 in a Dubbel?

    Has anybody tried this? Thoughts? Saw it as a recommended use on the White Labs site, and was surprised. Would like to hear from folks with first-hand experience - none of the reviews on WL's site mentioned that use.
  12. breckenridge

    WLP 565 Saison Experience... Again

    There are a lot of old threads on this topic, but I thought I'd start a new one since it's getting to be/already is saison time, and I'm fermenting my first crack at one. After reading Farmhouse Ales and many many posts on the topic, I decided to go ahead and use the DuPont strain and just...
  13. breckenridge

    5L Stir Plate Specs?

    Hello all, I tried to search for this, but no soap. I already have a 2L stirstarter plate that I like a lot, but want to DIY my own for a second and larger stir plate. I'll be using a 5L Erlenmeyer flask. I'm hoping someone can give me some info on what size/power fan, stir bar, project (or...
  14. breckenridge

    Went straight from D-rest to lager temps

    The answer is probably RDWAHAHB as usual, but thought I'd throw this out there: So, I made my 2nd lager a few weeks ago (1st is a Marzen I made in July, not to be tapped for a couple weeks yet). This one is a Munich Helles. I let it go down to about 1.020-ish (from 1.046-ish, don't have notes...
  15. breckenridge

    Cooler MLT on Single-Tier: How to Protect from Burners?

    Hi folks, After BIAB'ing for a year, I'm in the design phase of constructing a traditional 3-vessel home brewery. At least to start, I'll be doing batch sparge, with a rectangular cooler MLT (it's what I had around), a Blichmann burner, and a KAB4 (they're also what I have around). I have a...
  16. breckenridge

    Pennsylvania Unused KAB4 Burner $70

    Yup, got a brand new Bayou Classic KAB4 that I've never used. Was shipped to me in December with the regulator and hose, but without an air shutter or orifice, so on brew day I went out and bought another burner that was fully equipped, and this one has been sitting in the basement ever since...
  17. breckenridge

    New Brewer, Noob Mistake and Question about Cold Break and OG

    OK, only mildly embarrassed. Made my 4th batch today (partial mash - 3 gallon stockpot stovetop partial volume boil setup) and thought I'd give whirlpooling a try while the boil kettle was cooling in the ice bath. I stir it anyway, so why not let it do double work for me, right? Start...