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  1. cmuench

    Slow Start

    I made a 1600 mL starter with White Labs 007. I used a cup of priming sugar instead of DME because thats what I had. Oxygenated the starter put it on a stir plate. Brewed 15 gal IPA yesterday (48 hours after making the starter), pitched at about 3pm. Oxygenated the wort. I expected to see...
  2. cmuench

    Sanke Fermenter volume

    I have a dumb question...sorry if its been covered elsewhere but I've looked everywhere and couldnt find the answer. Whats your opinion? What is the largest volume of wort that can be fermented in a 15.5 gal sanke keg? Under pressure? Not under pressure? Fermcap-S Foam Inhibitor or not?
  3. cmuench

    plastic barrel fermenter 10 gal

    These might make a sweet fermenter. Awesome price. Similar to the ones Greg uses just a bit smaller (10 vs 15 gal). I own a couple of...