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  1. MotoGP1000

    Clear beer draught/closed transfer

    Does anyone else’s closed transfer through this clear beer draught system take FOREVER?
  2. MotoGP1000

    Keg Dry hopping warm under pressure ?

    I’ve been reading about dry hopping in a keg warm under pressure. What I don’t understand is that many of these scenarios car for warm dry hop under pressure for five days of 30 psi. If I do 30 psi cold, then my beer is carbonated in a day. How is anyone successfully dry hopping warm in a keg...
  3. MotoGP1000

    Water profile opinions

    Not sure if this is the right forum but... thoughts on this profile for a 5 gallon NEIPA?
  4. MotoGP1000

    Hop burn eliminated

    I’ve been on here a million times to talk about hops burn in my New England IPAs and I never could really figure out why it persists. But I just had some homebrew leftover that I found in my refrigerator in a growler that had been sitting for around three weeks and the hop burn was gone and all...
  5. MotoGP1000

    harsh NEIPA finish

    so I've posted multiple times about this topic. Probably due to my refusal to accept defeat. But every time I brew an NEIPA, I get very harsh finish. like a rough aspirin or chalk attribute to the beer that can overwhelm the actual good characteristics of the hops. So i'll take another...
  6. MotoGP1000

    To dry hop or no?

    Just brewed an IPA yesterday. 3# of flakes oats and 15# of 2row 1oz mosaic hops at 5min and then a massive pound of hops (mix of enigma, mosaic, and motueka) Question is. With that kind of hop-load, any reason to dry hop? Also... dry hopping tends to make my beer burn Thoughts?
  7. MotoGP1000

    Corny keg charger

    Hey everyone - wanted to see if anyone had used a corny keg charger. How good are they and on a 5 gallon keg how much should I expect to get on 1 cartridge? I’m taking with my 10lb co2 tank every time and while it’s effective, it’s also cumbersome Thanks!
  8. MotoGP1000

    Black cherry concentrate

    Hi ! I have a chocolate porter I plan on using black berry concentrate with. Anyone use this before and how much would you use for a 5gallons batch? thanks
  9. MotoGP1000

    Old crashing in keg- whats your process

    Hi - First time using a conditioning keg for cold crashing my iPas. What your process? hoping to get it right the 1st time without oxidation or some other fail Thanks!
  10. MotoGP1000

    Citra hops- Whats the Deal

    brew peeps, Has anyone else had varying results from citra hops? I’ve brewed many times with it and more so than none I get very grapefruit (bite/tangy) characters. Once I was able to get the more “stanky” character I wanted out of it. I guess more so honeydew? Any ideas? Looking...
  11. MotoGP1000

    Pumpkin chaos

    It seems everyday I read something crazy another brewery is doing. I bring this up as I’m getting ready to do my first pumpkin recipe. So I ask? What’s to say we could “purée” a pumpkin pie and just put it in the mash? Wonder if this has ever been tried..
  12. MotoGP1000

    No fermentation after fruit addition

    So just like the title states.. no fermentation after I threw some purée’d mango into the primary. Its been a little over 24hours. Any cause for concern? Thanks
  13. MotoGP1000

    Question on IPA hopstand/whirlpool process

    Hey all - had a question on the process of hopstand/whirpool that I seemed to be getting confused on the more I read. So my process to date has been: chill from flameout to 170 or just below. take out wort chiller. Add hops. put the lid on and let steep for 30- 45min. put wort chiller...
  14. MotoGP1000

    Constantly get hop harshness from NEIPA --Need Advice!

    hey everyone, writing this one out as I've been brewing a ton of NEIPAs lately and noticing that Im getting some considerable hop harshness from a lot of my brews. Im sure if its one particular hop that is throwing it or what but hoping for suggestions. My grist is pretty easy 77% 2row 19%...
  15. MotoGP1000

    Your experience with Citra

    hey all- Wanted to get your experience with citra as this tends to be a popular hop and my experience has varied. So my last brew had about 1oz in the boil and 5oz in a 30min hopstand. 3oz dry hop. I got some real good orange notes and dankness that i really enjoyed. So i thought i might...
  16. MotoGP1000

    Speidel Pressure Relief Valve

    Has anyone used the Ball Lock Pressure Relief Valve on their Speidel Fermentors? Im wondering if this takes the place of the airlock or if its a last minute switch when performing the closed transfer. Also... the Speidel seems to have a lot of head space. Any issues with oxygen cracking the...
  17. MotoGP1000

    Cleaning regular lines for blow off, transfer etc

    hi- I’m having a heck of time getting clean my lines I use for blow off, transfers, etc. I’ve tried pbw and starsan and they still come out sticky and gross looking. Any recommendations? At this point I don’t want to risk infection so I just buy new ones. Thanks
  18. MotoGP1000

    Hops didnt come through very well in last batch

    Hey Brew-chachos, Had an issue on my last brew. The hops didn't come through all that great and I'm not entirely sure why. Asking for thoughts from anyone that experienced the same and what the potential issue was. I did this go round NO bittering hops. Everything was added around...
  19. MotoGP1000

    Cold crash before kegging neipa?

    brew-bros, Wondering if I cold crash my neipa before kegging? I’ve had experience with neipa not cold crash tasting waaaay too hop burny And cold crashing has helped that out. My thought was to cold crash then close transfer to my corny. Thoughts? One last question— when kegging snd...
  20. MotoGP1000

    Hop burn...not bitter... but burn

    hey brew-chachos, Question... anyone experience a hop burn out of their iPas? Not bitter like you would think from early hop addition, but more like... acidic or burn when you’re putting down your Ipa that hits the back of you’re throat. I’m assuming it’s the result of immense dry hopping...