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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Generous of the sponsors. :rockin:
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    Robbinsdale, MN Water Report

    Finally tasting my bitter I did with RO water from Cub Foods that I then adjusted with Calcium Chloride and some Gypsum. Tasted it against my first batch with no adjustments and while my first batch isn't awful the second batch with adjusted water (and some acid malt in mash) is much better and...
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    can I debottle, blend then rebottle?

    I've done it but not for the same reason. Was drinking too much and when bottling up the 2nd batch we forgot to add the priming solution but didn't realize it until we had capped all the bottles. :cross: Didn't have priming tabs so we poured every bottle back in to the bottling bucket, primed...
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    Premature Flocculation

    During the winter when my basement temps drop I use a brew belt to bring up the temp a bit. Didn't have a temp controller so I just use a cheap light timer to toggle it on for 1 hr and off for 1 hr which worked out to bumping the temp about 5 degrees from ambient.
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    Robbinsdale, MN Water Report

    Look forward to hearing how it turns out. Still a few weeks away from doing my Bitter with all filtered water.
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    About to start kegging - debating 2 tap kegerator vs 3 tap keezer

    I only had a perfect spot in the kitchen for a two tap kegerator so that is what I built. Later added a chest freezer (turned fridge) that I use for cold crashing carboys, bought it large enough that I can also keep 3 kegs on tap in there too. I keep my 'main' beers (usually a pale of some...
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    Robbinsdale, MN Water Report

    You are ahead of me on thinking about water chemistry but don't sweat it too much. Using basically the same water I've turned out some good beers, extract, partial mash and all grain without doing anything. Could the beers have been better? Guess I'll find out after some experimentation. :cool:
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    honey priming sugar

    Agree that honey varies in sugar content but if you're just looking for a general guideline Norther Brewer has a nice calculator that will figure out the amount needed for tons of different forms of sugar.
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    Robbinsdale, MN Water Report

    I'm not far from you, I'm in Blaine, and I'm fairly sure our water is pretty close (yours is a touch harder). I'm just starting to dig in to the brew water chemistry as my experience has been much like AiredAle's experience. I've done ~30 extract batches with little issue, beers were good and...
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    Batch Sparge - grain bed depth matter?

    I'm using the exact same setup as Jubilee, even down to stuffing a chunk of wood under the end of it to get the last bit of wort, works great for me. Clean up of this setup ends up being pretty quick.
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    Batch Sparge - grain bed depth matter?

    I do that and it works well for me. Takes a bit to drain out that last little bit but I just leave my MLT propped up like that while the wort is coming to a boil. Doesn't seem to be much liquid left when I clean out the cooler. Nice part about having the large cooler is that even with large...
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    Conditioning in keg?

    That is how I do it. After transferring I just let the beer warm back up to room temp and condition. I don't think that one temp cycle hurts anything.
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    5lb tank

    In my case the standard 5 gallon corney.
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    Conditioning in keg?

    I do it the same, fermentors spend 2-4 days in the fridge before I keg (though my fridge is set to 38 degrees since I also keep some bottled beer in there). Also makes it pretty easy to transfer a dry hopped beer as all the hops will drop out of the beer.
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    5lb tank

    I'm currently serving keg #12 and #13 on this 5 lb CO2 tank. I only force carbed 2 of the beers though, rest were carbed via priming the kegs with sugar when I kegged them.
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    What Grain to Sub for Dark Malt LME?

    Here is what Norther Brewer says is in their dark LME. Gives you a clue as to what grains you'd need to replicate it via all grain.
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    Will cold crash help hops to settle?

    At least for me the amount of haze varies with how much dry hops I'm using. I don't get a haze with just 1 oz of hops but as I move up past 3 oz there is a haze. Don't think it is just me since when I compared my Surly Bitter Brewer clone (ala Northern Brewer) to the original beer my look...
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    Conditioning in keg?

    I just cold crash the fermentor for 3-4 days. If you don't have fridge space other than time I'm not too sure what else can be done. Maybe gelatin but most seem to say that it works far better when combine with cold crashing.
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    Conditioning in keg?

    This is exactly how I do it and it works great. Helps to have several kegs but I let gets prime and condition in the keg for at least 3 weeks, then when they are 'on deck' for the kegerator I throw them in my chest fridge where they sit for about a month and then they go in to the kegerator...
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    Semi-washed yeast

    If it is only a week or two since I harvested the yeast I'll decant and pitch the contents of a jar just like that. Longer and I play it safe and do a starter.