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    New recipe of sorts.

    So my dad got me a brewers best kit and I'm thinking about adding a few things to it. The base is their Whiskey Barrel Stout extract kit. Instead of sanitizing with vodka I'm planning to use burbon and I'll be putting in 2 organic vanilla beans. Secondly I have 1 pound of lactose which I'll be...
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    new batch of cider

    So I'm planning on making a new batch of cider and was needing some help with the ingredients. I'm planning on doing a pomegranate / apple cider for starters. My problem is the amount of yeast (champagne) and how much pomegranate concentrate to use for a gallon carboy. I was going to try 2 oz...
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    picture of my first home brew

    So this is my first home brew. Head lasted almost 20 mins. Steady stream of bubbles from the bottom of the glass. The taste was wonderful. I'm proud to call this my first.
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    2nd brew..

    So planning my second brew. I'm planning on a pale ale but with my last hop addition I'm gonna be adding the zest of a few lemons. Anyone see any problems with this plan? I'm shooting for a lemon pale ale..kind of a blue moon of sorts if you will.
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    first bottling session

    So my first brew was a success. tasted it and it tasted like a room temp. flat beer. It's a Simcoe hopped IPA 77 ibu and 5.2 % abv. Primed with corn sugar. Let ya know in 2 weeks how it tastes cold with some carb.