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    whirlpooling via pump

    Thinking about adding boil kettle whirlpool capability to current setup. This will give me an excuse to get a second 10gal kettle and my first pump. If I understand correctly, I can keep using pellet hops and my 50ft immersion chiller, and the March pump will tolerate all the break...
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    my first mash tun!

    What do you guys think? 5gal rubbermaid. 1/2" copper tubing, hacksaw cuts at 1/4" pitch, cleaned with PBW followed by vinegar. Rotated one section to show the cuts (not soldered). The stout Brewers Hardware bulkhead looks like it'll work great! Held hot water just fine with no sign of...
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    input on my Evil Twin mini-mash plans

    I'm planning a mini-mash version of Jamil's Evil Twin to suit my equipment and progression into all-grain. I first input an all-grain recipe into Beersmith and then played with the Liquid Extract and Maris Otter British Pale Malt quantities to get similar OG values. Plan is to mash all the...
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    help with belgian wit plans

    I have a partial mash belgian wit on deck for tomorrow. Hoping someone can offer some advice on the following: Yeast. 1.4L starter with White Labs WLP400 on the stir plate for 15hrs so far. Foam stopper. If I chill in the fridge after about 8 more hrs, will this strain of yeast settle...
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    forgot the whirlfloc - now what?

    Somehow I managed to forget the whirlfoc tablet. I pitched a strater ~18hrs ago and fermentation is now going strong. This is an extract/crystal Shark Bite Red with OG 1.068. At this point what's the best way to recover from the lack of whirlfoc in the boil? I see a few different...
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    old Automatic adjustable mill

    I bought this adjustable Automatic brand mill about 12yrs ago. Just used it for the first time today to crush some Crystal 70 and 120. As far as I tell Automatic no longer makes homebrew grain mills. Does the output look OK? I used feeler gauges to measure the roller gap at the various...