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  1. tmoney1224

    Pin Lock Kegs, Disconnects, Regulator, Picnic Taps

    For sale I have: 4 Completely refurbished pin-lock kegs, including new o-rings. I completely broke these down, cleaned them and replace the o-rings myself. All have been tested and hold pressure. $100 2 pin-lock kegs, probably could still hold pressure and be used but one would need a new dip...
  2. tmoney1224

    My Comp crashed, where do your BeerSmith files get saved

    Well my computer that has my beersmith recipes on it crashed and the computer guy that is going to try and recover it asked where they might be located. So does anyone know what the default location is for Beersmith files?
  3. tmoney1224

    Flip tops on regular bottles?

    I was visiting the folks last weekend and my mom had found a bunch of the grolsch flip tops when she had gone to the recycle center. I can get them on the regular bottles kind of secure using the rim of the bottle as resistance, but since my bottles don't have the holes on the side there is...
  4. tmoney1224

    Official Boxing Thread

    Come on there has got to be some other boxing fans out here. I am super stoked for the start of the super middle weight tourney on Saturday. I'm picking Dirrell and Abraham. Who ya got.
  5. tmoney1224

    Single tower, elbow shank, faucet and long shank for sale

    ALL ITEMS SOLD Well I've gotten the okay to upgrade my kegging setup so I am parting with a few of my old pieces. Single tower, faucet is the SS lever and in like new condition, and the elbow shank is brand new. I got the tower with a bunch of other items and added the shank and faucet...
  6. tmoney1224

    Wort Chiller Problem

    I've been searching and can't seem to quite find what I am looking for. I have a 25ft 3/8inch immersion chiller. I just have the hoses clamped on with oetiker and worm clamps, but for the life of me I can't get it to stop leaking where the "water in" hose connects. I've seen people using some...
  7. tmoney1224

    I Passed!!!

    my last CPA Exam. I am freaking out hardcore right now, but this is one of the best feelings ever. Sorry, just had to share.
  8. tmoney1224

    Blue Rino, AmeriGas class action lawsuit

    I searched and didn't find anything, has anyone else heard about this? Class-action suit filed against leading propane tank providers | KOMO News - Seattle, Washington | Consumer News AmeriGas and Blue Rhino Propane Lawsuit
  9. tmoney1224

    Making beer or candles, weird blowoff

    I came home the other day to see my Centennial Blond did this It looked like candle wax and had the consistency of cookie dough. Weirdest blow off I have ever seen.
  10. tmoney1224

    Help with Gas Pin Lock Disconnect

    Okay I searched and I feel so stupid, but do you just connect the gas side disconnect onto the post, push down, and lock it in the little notches? The reason I ask is because I just got all of my kegging stuff together and on my test run it is leaking from the gas side ridiculously bad. It is...
  11. tmoney1224

    1st Annual Pay it Forward thread

    Members offer the items they don’t need or aren't using anymore to give to another member. In addition, after members are selected to get something they are encouraged to pay it forward by offering up items they have that they don't need anymore. Alright, now for the rules. 1) You...
  12. tmoney1224

    Cleaning an old regulator

    Bought some old kegging equipment for cheap from a local guy. The regulator is pretty dirty and the gauges look to be dirty from the inside. Is there anyway to get them cleaned up? Can I submerge it in water? Thanks in advance
  13. tmoney1224

    Turkey Fryer at Cabela's for 29.99 plus s&h

    Was just searching one of the slickdeals websites and happened upon this Turkey Fryer. Seems like a good deal and even has a spicket on it. Thought someone out there may be interested, or maybe someone already has one and could fill in with some input about it. Edit: It's 29.88 :)
  14. tmoney1224

    Mash Tun drop in manifold question

    Well, I am in the process of transitioning from extract to all grain. I am trying to get my mash tun design together and have a couple of questions. I have a cooler that a friend gave me a while ago that does not have a spicket, and I was hoping to design something like the drop in manifold...
  15. tmoney1224

    NPR Fans: "The Science of Brewing" on Talk of the Nation tomorrow 2-3pm EDT

    Just an FYI to all, on Talk of the Nation tomorrow their subject is going to be The Science of Brewing.
  16. tmoney1224

    1st attempt at label

    Just found a pic on google images of a guy getting a standing eight, and then threw in my brew name and slogan in Dali font. Any critizism or suggestions greatly appreciated
  17. tmoney1224

    Question on making beer with wine equipment

    I have a chance to get a really good deal on this kit: Vintners Best I'm really just interested in making beer and maybe Apfelwein, but wanted to get some peoples opinion on if I could use most of the items in the kit for those purposes. For example are wine hydrometer the same? Would I...