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  1. maple_shaft

    Bottled at stuck fermentation? Is it dangerous?

    I was working on a Dunkelweizen: OG 1.058, and FG at bottling 1.023. The fermentation might have been stuck but I have tried stirring and warming it up and it didn't change after a week. I had it in primary for 1 week and in secondary for two. I added 5oz of corn sugar and stirred well...
  2. maple_shaft

    Hydrogen peroxide in a pinch

    I have read a lot online about the use of hydrogen peroxide as a last resort no-rinse sanitizing agent. I am still unsure about this. I was hoping to start a cascade pale ale tomorrow as I won't get another chance in over a week, and I don't have time to drive out to the store and get...
  3. maple_shaft

    I make n00bs look good... questions!

    Hi all this is my first time on this forum and my first time ever attempting to brew a simple batch of beer. I have always thought about it but it was my wife who started me off in the right direction by getting one of those Mr. Beer beginner kits. Seemed simple enough I guess, I read all...