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  1. coyotlgw

    The old Sulfuric Lager...

    So after lagering forever (OK, four weeks) I kegged my light lager and finally tasted it last night. Smells and tastes like rotten eggs. So other than letting it sit another month at 40 degrees, what can I do to mae it drinkable? Extract with grains, yeast was Weast 2035: YEAST...
  2. coyotlgw

    Brewer's Christmas tree

    OK, I am sure that you have all had this emailed to you by at lest one person, but in case anybody has yet to see it:
  3. coyotlgw

    Good God, 14.7% Imperial Stout?

    So I brewed an Imperial Stout today, mostly as an excuse to use the leftover 5.5 lbs of Weyermann's Munich Amber LME. I wanted to hit about 1.100 for the OG, so I kept adding extracts to Beer Smith until it hit the right OG at 1.102 When I measured OG just before pitching, I got 1.134...
  4. coyotlgw

    leaky connector

    So I kegged for the first time last night. The gas-in connector leaked just a tiny bit, so I replaced it with a new one that leaks exactly the same. Just a very tiny stream of bubbles when coat the top of the connector with liquid. Any thoughts?
  5. coyotlgw

    warm storage

    Due to geographic location, home size, and agreements with SWMBO regarding the purchase of additional cold storage, I am currently having to bottle condition and store all homebrew in a closet in my office at about 75°F. How much might this be adversely affecting my product?
  6. coyotlgw

    Interstate shipping?

    I wanted to send a friend of mine a few bottles of my homebrew. I am in AZ and she is in NY. Where would I go to determine the legality of this plan and does anybody have any suggestions as to how to safely ship a six-pack of 12oz bottles?
  7. coyotlgw

    Request for comments

    I think these are my favorite three so far. The rest are in my gallery. Please let me know what you think!
  8. coyotlgw

    Gamma Seal Lids

    Has anybody else swapped out the lid on their plastic fermentation bucket for a Gamma Seal Lid? I have had a beer in primary for about 36 hours now, seeing a lot of foam and smelling fermentation, yet the complete lack of activity in the fermentation lock leads me to believe that BYO magazine's...
  9. coyotlgw

    Cleaner taste ruins beer

    I kegged my Cherry Pale Ale in my brand new three-gallon keg. It carbonated via sugar primer (no gas tank yet) ad as of a couple weeks ago tasted awesome. The bottled version was nice, but the keg version was creamy and just fantastic. The keg sat in a fridge at 45 degrees for another two...
  10. coyotlgw

    bottled at 1.019?

    I bottled my Schwarzbier last night at about 1.019... is this a higher risk for bottle grenades? I started fermenting on 14 August when the sample read 1.046 at 80°F, so OG was 1.048. When I racked to secondary on 20 August the sample was 1.018 at 57°F. The extremely yummy sample...
  11. coyotlgw

    Fast ales and Orville Redenbacher

    I made a very simple ale, based on one of the the Papazian book. Dry Malt Extract, Cascade Hop Pellets, Saf-ale English Ale Yeast. The literature led me to believe that something this simple would ferment out in about a week, condition for a week, and be great at day 14. Starting with OG...
  12. coyotlgw

    Stella Artois Brewery

    Just found this and thought you all might find it interesting... an urban explorer in the former Stella Artois Brewery
  13. coyotlgw

    BANG! this ever happen to you?

    I recently purchased the 3 Gallon Mini Draft System (Reconditioned Keg) from Midwest and finally got a chance to fill it up last night. The instructions and warning sticker seemed to indicate that I should attach the ball lock CO2 fitting to the keg first and then attach the CO2 injector...
  14. coyotlgw

    water volumes and temperature question

    OK Thermodynamics studs... is there a simple formula to determine what temperature the resulting volume of liquid will have if two or more different-sized volumes of liquid at differing temperatures are mixed? i.e. one gallon of water at 40 F plus one gallon at 80 F plus two gallons at 200 F...
  15. coyotlgw

    curiously low OG

    I was trying to do a single gallon Imperial Ale last weekend, ala the latest BYO magazine article on mini-batches. With a gallon of R/O water full boil, a pound of Crystal grain steeping for 30 minutes, and 1.5 lbs Briess Pilsen dry malt extract, QBrew estimated the OG at 1.079. After the...
  16. coyotlgw

    base values for calculator

    So far my experience with Qbrew has been great. It allows me to enter my ingredients and see what I parameters I can expect, is it was freeware. Problem is, I cannot always select the right ingredients. Some of hte malts and hop varieties I want to use do not exist and I do not know the...
  17. coyotlgw

    Gelatin Finings

    Has anybody ever used these? I got a bottle that said to use 1/2tsp per 5Gallons of beer, but there are no other instructions... late edit: this is the stuff I got: but I cannot find any info on the web for this manufacturer...
  18. coyotlgw

    partial bottling?

    I am bottling a 5 gallon batch this week and hope to bottle another in about two weeks. I only have enough bottles and space for about 7.5 gallons, though. Since I plan on getting rid of a significant volume in three weeks over the Memorial Day weekend, would there be anything wrong with...
  19. coyotlgw

    Kolsch done after five days?

    I had a couple questions on my Kolsch. Specifics on the brew day are listed at The recipe said to rack to secondary after exactly five days, so I racked to secondary in spite of a good two to three inches of thick, dry krausen. The sample...
  20. coyotlgw

    A question of Hops

    So, I finally popped open the first bottle of the Pale Ale I brewed on St. Patrick's Day. I was very excited to try my first brew, but was surprised at the hoppiness. The recipe had called for an ounce of Cascade pellets with the malt and another once at the end for ten minutes. This was a...