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  1. LCTitan

    Storage duration on a yeast starter

    I made a yeast starter last Saturday with the intention of brewing Sunday. Well that didn't work but I am going to brew tomorrow. The yeast starter has been capped and in the frig since last Saturday. My plan is to decant and bring up the yeast to room temp. My question is will the yeast be OK a...
  2. LCTitan

    The Brew Pad (heater)

    Has anyone used one of these? If so, is it more effective that the Brew Belt?
  3. LCTitan

    Yeast starter with Wyeast 1056

    Made a starter with Wyeast 1056 the other night and I have a question. I made the standard starter and placed it on the stirplate for about 24 hours. The result was a nice brownish/tan milky looking stater. (Like the yeast were happy and eating well) With this one though there was litttle to no...
  4. LCTitan

    Porter fermentation stages

    I brewed NB's Peat-Smoked Porter and it's been in the primary for four weeks. The directions call for two stage fermentation of two weeks in the Primary and four weeks in the Secondary. Would you just leave it in the primary for two more weeks and not worry about the secondary? I am really...
  5. LCTitan

    What's in my bottles

    Looked at several bottles of the NB Innkeeper in the light and saw several particles floating around as well as things latched on the sides of the bottles. When bottled there where no signs of infection and the bottles were cleaned and sanitized properly. This is a British Bitter beer that when...
  6. LCTitan

    NB Sinistral Warrior IPA screwup

    I brewed Sinistral Warrior IPA today and screwed up by adding all the LME for 60 minutes rater than 3.15lbs Gold Malt for 60 and 6lbs Gold Malt for the last 15 minutes. I'm used to adding all the LME for 60 min. What are the ramifications of my brainfart? :(
  7. LCTitan

    Yeast starter time frame

    Prepared my yeast starter on Saturday with the intention of brewing on Sunday. Unfortunatly that didn't work out and I am looking at brewing this coming weekend. The starter is in the frig covered with aluminum foil. I should be able to bring it up to room temp and decant and still use the yeast...
  8. LCTitan

    Degassing in a Better Bottle

    What do use to degas in a Better Bottle?
  9. LCTitan

    Sharing the Auto-Siphon

    Can I use the same auto-siphon that I use for my beer batches for wine as long as they are clean and sanitized?
  10. LCTitan

    The Brew Belt and 7.9 Gallon Buckets

    Will the Brew Belt work on 7.9 Gallon Bucket fermentors when making wine?
  11. LCTitan

    The Brew Belt

    Will the Brew Belt work on 7.9 gallon bucket fermenters?
  12. LCTitan

    7.9 Gallon Buckets for 5 gallon batches

    I purchase one of these because I knew one day I will be starting to make wine as well. The one I have I found it very difficult to read the lever indicators unless we shined a flashlight on it from outside the bucket. Also, is their two much headspace in this type of bucket when making 5 to 5.5...
  13. LCTitan

    Storing sealed pellet hops

    Join Date: Aug 2010 Location: NW Indiana Posts: 25 LCTitan's Gallery How long can you keep the sealed pellet hop packages out without putting them in the freezer? Trying to figure out my brewing schedule and if I need to throw the hops in the freezer or not.
  14. LCTitan

    Washed Yeast's life span

    How long will washed yeast last in the frig not freezer?
  15. LCTitan

    Gravity readings in the Bucket

    How do you guys take your gravity readings when fermenting in the bucket. Seems like taking the airlock out and using using a 60CC syringe with some tubing attached would be the most effective way. Not real crazy about removing the lid more than I have to. Your thoughts?
  16. LCTitan

    Brew Belt and Johnson Temp Control

    Will the Brew Belt work well when used with a Johnsone Temperature Controler? If so, do you guys just tape the sensor to the bucket next to the belt?
  17. LCTitan

    Making a Starter with White Labs yeast

    When making a starter with White Labs yeast does adding a yeast fuel (AHS term for yeast nutrient) add that much to the starter to justify the purchase?
  18. LCTitan

    Satelite gravity readings

    Does anyone use Satalite Gravity readings when fermenting using buckets? This is where you take a beer bottle and collect a sample and place the sample in the bottle and let it ferment right next to the bucket. Seen this on a video and was curious to see if this is really a reliable way to...
  19. LCTitan

    Buckets which vendor?

    Looking at transitioning from Mr. Beer and we have been gradually adding equipment to do five gallon extract kits. Seen several buckets out there from various vendors. Which 6.5 gallon buckets with lids seem to work best for primary fermenting and bottling? Seen several reviews on these and many...