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  1. thood6

    thoughts on Deschutes Abyss

    How are they tasting?
  2. thood6

    thoughts on Deschutes Abyss

    Did you attempt to get any wine flavor in there? I know that they age at least some of it in wine barrels and I didn't see you mention it.
  3. thood6

    thoughts on Deschutes Abyss

    Let me know as well. I have some Abyss to do a side by side with and would love to help out.
  4. thood6

    thoughts on Deschutes Abyss

    I'm not sure Ive ever been as excited for someone else to finish THEIR batch of beer.
  5. thood6

    Best bottle shop in Manhattan/Brooklyn

    I'm in the area for the next several days. I'm going to try to stock up on bottles I can't get in Louisiana. Any help would be awesome. Cheers
  6. thood6

    Guinness proper pour- Does it actualy matter?

    Is there any reason to pour a Guinness differently than any other beer? Or is nitro in general different?
  7. thood6

    (Under)sizing a Keezer This is my next one. After doing the whole chest freezer thing twice this is the best direction I see to move. 8 taps and a tiny footprint sounds awesome.
  8. thood6

    First Foray into winemaking

    Thanks guys. I'll try to remember to update how it comes out. This forum still rocks years after joining.
  9. thood6

    First Foray into winemaking

    I guess beer kits just have traumatized me. Their directions certainly leave something to be desired. Is the Kit i purchased a quality kit?
  10. thood6

    First Foray into winemaking

    So the title says most of it. Besides Edwort's apfelwein, I am about to start my first wine kit ever and want to avoid any common mistakes and want to get y'all's opinion on the kit I bought. I got the Selection LE 2013 Chocolate Raspberry Port from Austin Homebrew. I get all of my beermaking...
  11. thood6

    Beer Wedding gift - Need New Orlean's Help

    Hey I'm from Baton Rouge. What styles are we talking here. I've brewed for a wedding before. It is alot of pressure. Let me know what all would be involved.
  12. thood6

    wrong yeast? ?

    Us 05. Not Nottingham unless you have fermentation temperature control.
  13. thood6

    Hobbies for my father while he is quarantined?

    So my father is ill and is undergoing a bone marrow transplant soon. He will have to remain quarantined 1500 miles from home for several weeks up to a few months. There's only so many books you can read. Anybody have ideas on things to do? I think it will help him to have things to keep his mind on.
  14. thood6

    Am i the only one that hates sours?

    Just thought I'd update in case anyone cares. I had Sam Adams Stony Brook Red. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. The sourness added a complexity to it rather than dominating. I know it's probably a beginner sour, but I enjoyed it.