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  1. firerat

    Fermenting in igloo mash tun

    I can't think of any reason not to use it.
  2. firerat

    Am I the only one who enjoys bottling?

    I do this on occasion, especially when I get tired of something and want to get another something on tap. I should invest in a beergun.
  3. firerat

    patterns of baldness?

    I think my dad may have been part wookie as I one of those guys that looks like he's always wearing a shirt. The only place I can't seem to grow hair is on top of my head. Thanks nature!! But I do have odd spots of baldness on my legs from sitting in an office chair all day with 2 phones in my...
  4. firerat

    Adding Tang to Beer

    Dat ain't nuttin to F**k wit
  5. firerat

    What do you do when you discover you've added too much water?

    I always keep DME on hand in case things like this happen. But from the options given, I'd boil it down.
  6. firerat

    Am I the only one who enjoys bottling?

    If you like it, cool. I hate bottling but sometime like having bottles instead of kegs on hand as I have a lot refrigerators but only capacity for 4 kegs.
  7. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    Yeah quite a bit of local stuff from some up and coming breweries!! I felt very underprepared as most had cool booths set up and mine was very spartan, but I got great feedback!! I don't know if you ever listen to Home Brew Happy Hour podcast but a few weeks ago they had a Kolsch cup contest...
  8. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    Sorry for the late response. It's at a place called Lauderale Brewery. It's right by the port all the way at the end of 595. A little hard to find but a great little brewery!! Very cool people!!
  9. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    It was great!! Met a lot of really cool people. Didn't place but got a lot of helpful feedback on the 2 beers I brought.
  10. firerat

    What are you drinking now?

    HB cream ale
  11. firerat

    First Brew Competition

    I know I'm a dork but I'm entering my first homebrew competition tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell. It's a bit different in I'm not just bottling a few and having them judged. No this is more of a homebrew festival where I'm bringing a keg and being judged!! I know I sound like a wanker but I'm...
  12. firerat


    This guy is gonna fit right in here. :thumbsup: Welcome aboard!! :mug:
  13. firerat

    Dry storage for grain

    Good lord!! Yeah the vittle vaults would be the better route. I use buckets because I have like 100 and had a bunch of gamma lids already from being a weirdo prepper type. I have a bunch of these too. They hold 5# each...
  14. firerat

    Buying Grain on Amazon

    I'd rather gift cards than some trinket that ends up in a junk drawer or whatever. I'm appreciative of gifts but rarely does anyone ever give me anything I actually want, my BIL being the exception as he is an alcoholic cigar smoker like me. And while cash would be better, I'd likely use it for...
  15. firerat

    Dry storage for grain

    I live in South Florida and store my grain in a hot humid garage. I have good luck with 5 gallon buckets and gamma lids.
  16. firerat

    Anyone else overwelmed by the amount of hops in IPAs and NEIPAs?

    Well if it parallels what this forum think about NEIPAs and IPAs, some like it and some don't.
  17. firerat

    Anyone else overwelmed by the amount of hops in IPAs and NEIPAs?

    Jumping on the hype train and selling what is popular is how you stay in business. If you don't sell what people want, your business will go back to your hobby. A craft brewery is a business.