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  1. JeffersonJ

    Coffee Oatmeal Stout Recipe Critique

    Any comments on this recipe? I've made many stouts over the past few years but this is my first stab at making my own recipe Size: 5.0*gal Efficiency: 85.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Original Gravity: 1.070 Terminal Gravity: 1.017 Color: 30.91 Alcohol: 6.91% Bitterness: 53.5 Ingredients...
  2. JeffersonJ

    American Porter Founder's Porter Clone - Partial Mash

    I based my partial mash recipe off of this thread: But that particular thread is kind of ramshackle, so I am organizing my recipe here. I'm telling you, this recipe is right on target. Put them side-by-side and I...
  3. JeffersonJ

    Year Old 3711

    I tried to harvest yeast from some Saison DuPont but it didn't take off (not the topic of this thread). Which is fine, I'd like to try 3711 anyway. But my LHBS only carries White Labs. There's a homebrew shop about an hour and a half away that has a pack of 3711 but it's a year old, so he...
  4. JeffersonJ

    Music and Beer Pairings

    So I'm a music nerd and a beer nerd, what else would I make a thread about? I'm a bachelor this weekend and find myself on the couch drinking a Green Flash Double Stout with Miles Davis' Bitches Brew blaring. Perfect pairing. I know Dogfish Head came out with a beer to accompany this album...
  5. JeffersonJ

    Infection in Bottle - Now what?

    Well, roughly 15 batches into my homebrew career I officially have my first infection. This is not a "is my beer infected" thread. I am absolutely sure that it's infected. I bottled an ESB at the end of April. Three weeks later I threw a homebrew party and got a lot of good comments on it...
  6. JeffersonJ

    Help with Amount of Priming Sugar

    I'm planning on bottling a Raspberry Brown Ale today and have a couple of questions about priming sugar calculations. I really made the beer for SWMBO. She tends to like beers with higher carbonation and I think it will fit with the style (in an almost fruit-lambic way). This is also the...
  7. JeffersonJ

    Saison Partial Mash Recipe Critique

    I'm looking for a critique of this recipe. I tweaked an old recipe in my beer software to come up with this. My fermentation chamber has room for only one beer and I've got a big Black IPA that will be taking occupying the chamber for a month or more. I'm planning to ferment this at the...
  8. JeffersonJ

    Corn Sugar + DME for Priming

    Anyone see a problem with this? ... I've got everything set up to bottle and just realized I've only got two ounces of corn sugar (for a five gallon batch). My plan is to use the two ounces of corn sugar plus 3/4 cups of DME. Any reason I shouldn't do this?
  9. JeffersonJ

    Brewpubs and such in NYC

    I'm staying in the West Village for most of this week about I'll be in Brooklyn and throughout the city as well. I'm having a hard time finding any good brewpubs or good beer bars worth going to. Any advice? Brooklyn Brewery is more-or-less closed during the week and the Chelsea Brewing Co...
  10. JeffersonJ

    Clean up after fermentation restarts?

    I've got a Belgian Pale Ale using WLP515. OG=1.064. Kept in my ferm chamber at 65F for the first week then moved to a cold, steady room to make room for another batch. After 2.5 weeks in primary, the beer was at 1.020 - a bit higher than expected about at about 70% attenuation. Around that...
  11. JeffersonJ

    Dry Hopping with Saaz

    There are threads on dry hopping with Saaz, but most of them deal with including it in American style brews. I have a Belgian Pale Ale in primary, hopped with three ounces of Saaz. I accidentally bought an extra ounce of 2.5%AA Saaz hops that I don't foresee using anytime soon. Does...
  12. JeffersonJ

    Your Partial Mash Efficiency

    I've noticed that for my last 5 or 6 partial mash batches, my efficiency has been between 80%-85% as calculated by my brewing software. This seems high to me. Just curious, for those who do partial mash, what efficiency are you getting on average? I've gotten my system down pretty well, but...
  13. JeffersonJ

    Need a Favor: Size of 6.5 Gallon Bucket

    My job has found me at an office that is trying to get rid of a mini-fridge for cheap. Can someone do me a favor and real quick give me the diameter of a standard 6.5 gallon bucket and the height with a standard airlock on it? And help will be much appreciated!
  14. JeffersonJ

    Suggest Me a Beer for My Wedding

    I'm getting married in September. I just bought a 100-year old house a couple months ago. Needless to say, I'm swamped and low on cash right now. I haven't brewed anything in about 6-7 months. Anyway, we planned to have a non-traditional toast at our wedding and I offered to make two...
  15. JeffersonJ

    Krausen as means of repitching?

    I've got a 1.080 OG stout that is stuck at 1.024. I'd like to see it down around 1.018. This difference isn't enough to justify a full-on repitch, but it's enough to bother me. I've done the shake-the-primary method for about a week with no results. This beer had a very very vigorous...
  16. JeffersonJ

    Quick! Take yeast starter volume into account when adding to wort?

    Currently cooling my wort and have a quick question. I'm brewing a 1.075 OG stout. I did a partial boil - I have three gallons of wort and will be adding two gallons of water. I made a 2.5 quart yeast starter the other day. When adding the starter, should I take it's volume into account...
  17. JeffersonJ


    So in my house we keep Star San in a spray bottle under the sink with "STARSAN" written in big letters on the label. We, of course, also keep spray bottles of lots of things under the sink. I procrastinated all weekend and so on Sunday night I was in a rush to bottle my beer before the work...
  18. JeffersonJ

    Yeast starter necessary with yeast fuel?

    I wanted some perspective on the quality of my LHBS since it's the only place I've ever bought ingredients, so I've ordered a partial-mash Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone from Austin Homebrew. I ordered a vial of Wyeast, and also decided to try out the Brewvint yeast fuel. So, for this beer...
  19. JeffersonJ

    Thermal Fatigue of Bottles?

    So I was planning to bottle a batch this weekend and I thought I had plenty of bottles for it. However, I guess I gave away more beer than I thought I did and I am about 20 bottles short. Luckily, I've got a container of bottles I had planned to recycle that have been sitting outside since New...
  20. JeffersonJ

    Titan IPA clone

    I've been overloaded on dark malty beers (home and craft brews) for the past few colder months. I'm ready to hop things up a bit and brew my first IPA. Naturally, I'd like to end up with something along the lines of my favorite IPA - Titan IPA from Great Divide. Does anyone out there have a...