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  1. irontodd

    My RV-based brewing adventures

    Hi all, I hope this is the right forum for this. My family and I are moving into a fifth wheel trailer and selling the house! But I sure dont want that to end my homebrew career. I thought I'd make a YouTube channel to share the fun. I'll do some how to videos, and share tips on conquering some...
  2. irontodd

    My attempt at brewing a Golden Monkey Clone (Victory Brewing)

    about 2 weeks ago, I starteda Golden Monkey Clone, based off Denny's Homage to Golden monkey the brew day went pretty well, although when I added my grain to the strike water, I didn't end up at 150 for my mash. I was at...
  3. irontodd

    Ale to the Chief

    Just stumbled across this... anyone make this with your own local honey? Extra points if you used actual white house honey :-)
  4. irontodd

    Inexperienced Blonde

    So named because this is my first BIAB batch with the 10 gallon kettle I got for Christmas. 10 lbs pale 2 row, and the leftover/unused hops from my Breck VP clone. Used brewersfriend recipe builder to ensure I brewed within style. Flame-on at 6 am this morning. Finished cleaning up at 11 am. I...
  5. irontodd

    Breck Vanilla Porter started today

    Hey all, thought I'd share a bit about my brew day today. I did do a BIAB for this one, but really a BI2B - brew in 2 bags. I don't have a kettle bigger than 5 gallons, but I wanted to do a 5 gallon...
  6. irontodd

    Fat tire partial mash clone

    I finally took the plunge away from extract kits and went forth with a recipe I found on brewer's friend, I think it was. It was a 5.5 lb grain bill along with 4 lbs of amber malt extract. Brew day went very well, although I made a few modifications to the recipe along the way for a couple...
  7. irontodd

    Considering a foray into BIAB

    I have successfully brewed 8 good batches of extract after 2 near misses. A few ambers, porters, stouts, a wit and an IPA. The wit was a Brewer's best kit and had the steep to convert step, which, sounds to me like a partial mash? The concept of gaining more control over my beer and not just...
  8. irontodd

    More on high pH with extract brews

    I have read a number of times here on HBT and elsewhere that extracts have already accounted for mash pH and such, and that it's probably best to use distilled or RO water when using brewing extracts. I think I understand that keeping close to that mash pH once you've rehydrated your wort...