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  1. Joeneugs

    Weird aromas from cold dry hopping?

    I put two IPA's in a couple kegs at serving temperature of 40 F. They smelled pretty good from the hydrometer samples beforehand, but now that their fully carbed, they have a weird rotten melon, raw dough smell that kind of ruins them for me. One keg had two ounces of Centennial and two...
  2. Joeneugs

    Adding fruit to berliner weisse

    I know there are multiple threads on berliners right now, but this is a more specific question... I have a berliner that i'm planning on adding some pineapple and then dry hopping with Sorachi Ace. I did a sour wort process and then fermented with German ale yeast and Brett Brux pitched...
  3. Joeneugs

    Using plastic carboy for sour wort berliner

    I’m planning on running off my mash into a plastic carboy and then throwing in some grain and souring it up for a couple days… will this infect the carboy and make it unusable for clean beers? I’m thinking yes, but want to confirm.
  4. Joeneugs

    Nelson and Motueka single hop recipe

    So I'm thinking of doing a 10 gallon batch of American Pale Ale and splitting the wort in half, doing two seperate boils and hopping one with all Nelson Sauvin and the other with Motueka. I'm shooting for a dry, lower gravity pale ale here to really let the hop character shine. I thought a side...
  5. Joeneugs

    repitched slurry and no activity. What do I do?

    I got some fresh Wyeast 1968 slurry from my local brewery here in town a little over a week ago. I kept it in my fridge for about a week, then made a small starter the night before brewing to get it going again. The yeast was hard and dense like paste…..I'm not totally sure I was able to warm it...
  6. Joeneugs

    WLP002 fast fermenter?

    So I used this yeast for a smoked brown porter on Sunday, pitched it at about 9:30pm and it seems to be almost finished and settled to the bottom already. No more krausen. Is this normal for this yeast? My SG was 1.051 and I made a small pint sized starter. Another side question. I'm using a...
  7. Joeneugs

    Do I aerate my bottle dreg starter?

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed before, but I haven't seen this specific question answered yet... I have a starter that I've been building up by using bottle dregs from various sours and adding fresh starter wort. It's about 1/2 gallon now and I plan on building it one more time to...
  8. Joeneugs

    My Ranco controller will only go to 43F! Help please.

    I have a couple Bohemian Pilsners in my fermentation fridge right now, and I'm having a tough time bringing them down to lager temps (35-40F). I set my dual stage Ranco down to 35 with a one degree differential between the heating and cooling (34 and 35), but the fridge seems to click off as...
  9. Joeneugs

    Storing my beatification dregs starter

    I made a very small starter for the dregs of 2 bottles of Russian River beatification. It's been sitting at room temperature 70-75 F for almost two weeks and already has a thin pellicle. What should I do with it now? I probably won't be making a sour for a few months. Can I leave it at room temp...
  10. Joeneugs

    My first Bo Pils....need advice on decoctions!

    I've been accepted in the master homebrewer competition by pilsner urquell in San Francisco this year. I think I got in over my head since I've never done a lager before let alone a Bo pils, not to mention the few kinks I'm still working out in my new all grain system. I know... What was I...
  11. Joeneugs

    Pitching temp question

    I know there's probably a lot of info on here about this, but I want some opinions on my specific problem... So I'm brewing a APA with WLP001 and chilled it as cool as my ground water in California will allow, about 76 F. I pitched my yeast and packed ice around the carboy in my fridge and...
  12. Joeneugs

    Help with my APA recipe

    What I’m going for is a balanced, easy drinking yet intense APA. I was thinking Alpha King but wanted to put a different twist on it. I want a fairly malty pale ale with some sweet, dank, tropical fruity hop character. What do you guys think of this recipe: 75% American 2-row 11%...
  13. Joeneugs

    Hot fermented IIPA- how long in primary?

    So I brewed a huge IIPA 10 days ago and the krausen is JUST starting to fall. The OG was 1.070, but I boosted it with a pound of DME and a pound of corn sugar a couple days into fermentation. My problem is that I failed to keep the first 3 days of fermentation below 76-78 degrees F. (Pretty...
  14. Joeneugs

    Need some advice on my IIPA recipe

    Here it is: 18 lbs. 8 ounces of American 2-Row 1 lb. 12 ounces of Munich 10L Mash for 30 minutes, vorlauf and fly sparge to collect 7.5 gallons. 85 minute boil. 1 ounce of Simcoe for 85 minutes 1.5 ounces of Simcoe for 30 minutes add whirlfloc and yeastex for 20 minutes 1 ounce...
  15. Joeneugs

    First all grain batch complete! Now... HELP!

    OK, here it goes: I ended up doing this recipe: 5.5 lbs Maris Otter 5.5 lbs Pilsner 1 lb Wheat 1 oz. Columbus @ 60 min. 1 oz. Centennial @ 5 min. 1 oz. Columbus @ 2 min. 1 oz. Centennial @ 2 min. 2 oz. Amarillo @ 2 min. 1 oz. Centennial @ 1 min. 1 oz. Columbus @ 1...
  16. Joeneugs

    Can I fill my keggles with a garden hose?

    I just set up my all grain brewery in my garage and was wondering how everyone gets water to their systems. Can I use a hose from my front yard as long as it's food grade? Or should I just fill a pitcher of water from my kitchen sink which has a water filter attached?
  17. Joeneugs

    Question on bayou classic sq-14

    I have this model with the 10psi regulator. Does everyone run these things full blast to get it to a boil and then adjust down to keep it rolling? The flames seem to leap around the sides of the keg. Not sure if this is very fuel efficient. What's the consensus on how to run these things?
  18. Joeneugs

    leaky sight glass/thermometer combo- help?

    Hi all, I bought a weldless sight glass w/ thermometer kit and just finished installation on my keggle. No leaks coming from the vessel where the silicon o-ring sets, but I'm getting a slow leak from the thermometer. Was I supposed to put a gasket in there? I tightened it down pretty good...
  19. Joeneugs

    Yeast starter is leaking

    Hi everyone, I made a yeast starter yesterday morning for a dunkelweizen I'm planning on brewing later this afternoon. I woke up this morning and noticed that my starter was leaking out of the top. There was a few tablespoons worth of starter wort on the table. I did not use an airlock, just a...
  20. Joeneugs

    Pumpkin stout... how much spice?

    Hi all! I have my second ever home brew in the fermentor right now. It's a pumpkin stout. I added some roasted pumpkin to the boil. The OG was 1.062 and the FG is 1.022. It's a pretty robust stout and I'm planning on adding some pumpkin pie spices at bottling. It's a five gallon batch, so how...