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  1. GaBrewZoo

    FOTHB VI: Fellowship of the Homebrew 6: Let Doug and Mark Get Their Own From Now On

    Hello everyone, Welcome to the sixth Fellowship of the Home Brew trade thread!! Now that the weather is cooling, shipping might be a little safer without fear of exploding bottles in packages, so I think it's time for another homebrew trade. This thread is all about sharing home brew with one...
  2. GaBrewZoo

    Kettle sour low gravity

    I am doing my second kettle sour berliner weisse. My first batch turned out fantastic. I mashed 4# pilsner, 3 # wheat and 1# acidulated malt for 60 minutes. Boiled for about 15 minutes, no hops, cooled to about 100, and put in a carboy. I used about 4 ounces of uncrushed acidulated malt, kept it...
  3. GaBrewZoo

    Fellowship of the Drink IV: I'm out of Lord of the Rings Puns

    Welcome to Round IV of the Fellowship of the Drink swap. This is a beer swap for members of the continental US to allow you to try some beers from outside your region. Every participant picks a few beers as their offer and then we devise a draw order and go down the list until everyone has...