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  1. Desert Monkey

    Air travel with ingredients - looking for thoughts

    So I'm heading to the east coast from Arizona to brew some beer, and got to thinking about different ways to get ingredients to the brewout. I like my LHBS and would love to take one of their kits with me. They offer shipping, but I wanted to check out the thoughts from y'all on flying the kit...
  2. Desert Monkey

    Any hockey fans out there?

    Not sure how many hockey fans are out there, but those of us who choose a different path from the "normal" for our sports entertainment, I'm in a dismal mood this holiday season - I love living near a NHL team, and have in every city we've moved to so far. Well, my luck might change pretty...
  3. Desert Monkey

    Cutting top off a Sanke keg using angle grinder

    The start: First grinding action - Cutting round the top - Half way done - I know - no long pants or long shirt. Not sure I own any out here in the desert....
  4. Desert Monkey

    Removed the dip tube from a Sanke keg

    Pulled the dip tube from the keg - pics here: Top of keg to open - Notch where we put the screw driver - Here is the clip pulled half way out - The final product - I used a bike pedal wrench to twist the top off -
  5. Desert Monkey

    BATF Arizona Brew Day Sunday 9/7

    BATF - Phoenix September brew out I can host a brew out these dates - Sat 9/6 or Sun 9/7 As standard BATF practice - Papago on Thursday 09/04 ~ 6:30 PM Early morning start seems to work best for all involved - If someone has a truck, we have a few guys who might like to hitch a...
  6. Desert Monkey

    BATF group Gathering - 8-12-08

    Sorry on the late posting - a few of us are getting together at Papago at 6-6:30pm Tuesday night, 8-12-08. Hope to see some people roll out and join us for a few beers.
  7. Desert Monkey

    Arizona monsoon results

    We lost our awesome Mexican thorny lime tree. Was a heck of a storm we had here, and I'm thinking this thing was hit by lighting - the bark is all burned out in spots and it's charred down the split. Take a look -
  8. Desert Monkey

    Interesting Story to anyone working in the tech field

    Couple more stories like this and we're all back to pen and paper. If this cat gets off, imagine the guys working in the basements at the fortune 500 companies round the country - all the sudden, the...
  9. Desert Monkey

    Phoenix AZ gathering - BATF 07/09

    Anyone in Arizona up to a get together sometime soon? I'm thinking some night next week, maybe at Papago - I'll toss out the first idea of next Thursday evening - any takers?
  10. Desert Monkey

    Looking for an old recipe...Rams Head Ale

    Ok, my father was a big fan of this stuff. From what I can gather, it was from Schmidt's, and was last made somewhere in the late 70's. Anyone know where I can dig up a clone of such an old beer? Of course, if the taste was due to the water in Norristown PA, then I guess I can just soak...
  11. Desert Monkey

    Force carbonation - need to mess with settings in the cold?

    I'm all set up in my fridge with a 5# CO2 tank and one keg attached. Last night I went ahead and put 12 PSI on the gauge, put it all in the fridge, and planned on leaving it at 40 degrees for a few days - worked for the first keg I did. I checked it this morning the high pressure gauge reads...
  12. Desert Monkey

    Racking to the secondary to slow down / stop fermentation?

    Anyone ever rack a beer to a secondary just to slow down or stop a beer from getting a lower OG? Just wondering if this has ever been done on purpose -