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  1. mazultav

    Beer tower nut size Both options.
  2. mazultav

    What is Your Favorite Piece of Brewing Equipment and Why

    Just built it today, my keg and beer line cleaner.
  3. mazultav

    Grain Crush Astringency Myth?

    I always thought that the astringency was from over sparging and extracting tannins from the husk. Which is one of the reasons BIAB guys can get away with a finer crush (no sparge).
  4. mazultav

    How long do you sparge?

    Zero. I just hoist my bag out of my ekeggle. I guess I do a hanging spattered for about 5 mins. 70 to 75 percent without squeezing.
  5. mazultav

    Is it ok to brew beer if I don't have a beard ??

    To the OPs question, Nope.
  6. mazultav

    Timing on going all grain

    Go for it! I did one canned extract kit, one dry extract with grain kit, straight to stove top biab with my own recipie, to about 15 all grain with a cooler mash tun and Turkey burner, now I'm back to biab but now in a electrically charged recirculating kettle. Only you know what's right for you.
  7. mazultav

    Getting a full corny keg from SoCal to San Fran

    if your truly going to ship could you unscrew the posts and then screw on some sort of cap, to remove the possibility of the poppets being pressed in?
  8. mazultav

    small 110V LED source

    How about something like this?
  9. mazultav

    WTB: Pump

    Looking for a food safe pump for my almost finished e-biab rig. March, Chugger, Little Giant, etc. Thanks.
  10. mazultav

    Possible Hazard

    I went back and check with my multimeter, no voltage on the switches. Thanks everyone.
  11. mazultav

    Possible Hazard

    Right it's a tester with a single probe, looks like a futuristic pencil, and when I put it near the actual metal switch, not just the terminals it lights up.
  12. mazultav

    Bayou Classic Brew Pots

    Not sure if anyone had seen these yet? Looks like stainless, with a lid, spigot, thermometer, false bottom and some kind of hop filter.
  13. mazultav

    Possible Hazard

    OK thanks. I think I knew that, but a flashing red light can give you The Fear.
  14. mazultav

    Possible Hazard

    I have just completed my EBIAB control panel. Its a single PID, single element panel. 30A 240V. After the first time turning it on I was poking around with a voltage detector. My SPST toggle switch which is rated for 30A and only flip a 120v coil for my contactor cause my detector to light up...
  15. mazultav

    Terminal strip rating

    Any ideas where I can find 240v 50A terminal blocks?
  16. mazultav

    Terminal strip rating

    I'm fusing the panel per PJs diagram
  17. mazultav

    Terminal strip rating

    Do terminal strips need to able to handle my panels full 50a?
  18. mazultav

    220v panel with 110v option

    Sorry just a 50 amp outlet, previous home owner ran a welder. Unthinking for now I'll just keep a 240v in and have a 120v out from the ssr
  19. mazultav

    220v panel with 110v option

    I already have the parts for the 240v setup. Other than a home depot spa panel. And I have 50a service in the garage.
  20. mazultav

    220v panel with 110v option

    Less than 30, a single 5500w element, auber pid, a couple lights.