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  1. JohnTheBrewist

    Best way to cook a boar leg.

    A friend told me that he has a frozen boar leg given to him by another friend who is a hunter (Don't know actual size or weight of this piece, but apparently small enough to be considered as from a meat hog). He said it's a complete leg about 2' long. He asked me if I'd help him cook it, so I...
  2. JohnTheBrewist

    First run of my new flower pot smoker

    Many thanks to Jiggs Casey for first posting his terra cotta smoker tutorial, and to Sawdustguy for his help with the pulled pork recipe. I think the grill came out well, and the pulled pork even better.
  3. JohnTheBrewist

    Deionizer filters

    I always buy RO water and build my water profile from there. But, I want to get away from the trips to the store for water. And I don't want to install an RO system because of the water wasted (I live in Calif desert). So my plan is to use Cation/Anion filters with a carbon prefilter. The...
  4. JohnTheBrewist

    Slot Keg for 15" FB?

    I'm in the process of converting some new kegs for my new all-electric system. I'm planning to make these inverted so I can drain out the bottom by attaching a 2" tri-clamp fitting. I want to keep as much of the pellet hops and break material out of my plate chiller as possible. So, for the...
  5. JohnTheBrewist

    My ribs need help...

    Since building my UDS, I've made spares three times. I've used the 3-2-1 method each time. The first time, I didn't have the temp under control yet and it had gotten to 350*. They tasted great but were a little over-done (meat completely falling off the bone. The second time, temps were...
  6. JohnTheBrewist

    Post your smokehouse pics here, please.

    I've been using a "Big Chief" electric smoker for years, but it's really too small to hang the sausage in properly, and I end up having to do it in batches on the racks. I want to build a small smokehouse in the backyard, something along the lines of 4'x4'x6'. I was thinking to build a frame...
  7. JohnTheBrewist

    Leberkäse Recipe

    I made up a batch of this last night and thought I would share my recipe as content for the proposed smoking, curing and sausage making forum. Anyone who has spent some time in Bavaria has surely come to love this airy meat loaf. Traditional Bavarian Leberkäse translated as "Liver Cheese"...
  8. JohnTheBrewist

    Hybrid Relays?

    Hey all, I guess this is a strange first post, but I've been lurking here for a while... Especially in the Electric Brewing section. You guys are a true inspiration! I've begun a project to build a brewshed and electric brewery for 10 Gal batches. I've assembled most of the parts for the...