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  1. texwake

    Keggle BIAB

    So I'm trying to set myself up for brew in a bag with a new kettle. Are there any disadvantages in doing it with a keggle?
  2. texwake

    Ever get snags lifting the grain bag?

    Title says it all. I'm considering going BIAB however I was wondering if your thermometer or anything snags the bag?
  3. texwake

    Texas Kettle/Mash Tun/Carboy for sale -Houston

    Home brew equipment for sale located in Houston. Would prefer local pickup. 8.5 gallon boil kettle W/Valve and thermometer, 10 gallon mash tun with domed false bottom and ball valve, 5 gallon carboy. All for $220 OBO.
  4. texwake

    10 Gal Igloo Mash Tun - Houston

    Looking for a 10 Gallon Igloo mash tun w/ false bottom, clean. Trying not to break the bank. Let me know if your around the Houston area and want to part with yours. Thanks!
  5. texwake

    Costs of false bottoms

    Random question: how come false bottoms are so expensive for a simple piece of steel that's cut in a circle with some pieces welded to it? Is it the materials? Less demand? A good one costs $100+.
  6. texwake

    Moving to all grain- Safest kettle size?

    I'm moving to all grain and getting all new equipment. Whats the safest mash ton size for just doing 5 gallon batches? Can you do 10 gallon batches with a 10 gallon mash ton? Thanks in advance!
  7. texwake


    Has anyone actually paid for one of these? It seems outrageous for around $500. Is it worth the money?
  8. texwake

    Welder for Keggle in Houston, TX?

    Sorry, Odd thread. Does anyone know of any welders in Houston that have converted a keg into a keggle that I can use? Thanks, Cullen
  9. texwake

    Banana flavoring yeast suggestions?

    So I've been brewing this hybrid Heff/Witt for awhile now and have been using WYeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen for my yeast. I ferment at room temperature (around 72 degrees) since I don't have a way to control the fermentation temperature. I've been trying to see if I can get more banana out of...
  10. texwake

    Black Olive Pellet Grill

    Anyone use this grill at all? Any pros or cons over the green egg or any other grill for that matter? Thanks in advance!
  11. texwake

    Bucket Thermo well?

    Has anyone tried to put in a Thermo well on a plastic fermentation bucket? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  12. texwake

    Wine Competitions

    I'm looking for a competition to put our Blanc du Bois wine in. Does anyone know if any around Houston or as far as Austin? Thanks! -Cullen
  13. texwake

    Fermentation chamber idea with cool brewing

    Has anyone ever used the cool-brewing fermentation chamber and hooked up a circulation hose comming from your keezer to the chamber? I'm trying to elmininate the need to keep putting frozen water bottles in the chamber. Here is my very rough illistration bellow using a submergable pump in a...
  14. texwake

    Kit of the month Clubs

    I know midwest has a homebrew kit of the month club. Does anyone have any other reccomendations to go with? I'm looking to get into one to save on fuel going to the LHBS and expand my brew types. Thanks!
  15. texwake

    Homebrew Competition Help

    Hey All, Were trying to put on a home brew competition here in Houston and I have absoultely no experience in doing one of these. I was wondering if someone could help me out on how to put one together or point me in the right direction. Thanks! -Cullen
  16. texwake

    Karbach: Weisse Versa Wheat Clone?

    Anyone know the details on how to make this? The website gives these details but what yeast and amounts do you think they used? I want to make this. OG: 12.5 Plato (1.050) IBU: 15 ABV: 5.2% Malts: 2 Row, wheat...
  17. texwake

    Threw oranges in secondary but no more fermination

    So a week after I bewed a Heff I threw some blood oranges in the secondary and racked the 5 gallons of heff on top of it. Fearing that it would ferment again because im adding sugar I used a 6 gallon container so it would not blow the airlock off. I measured the gravity before racking and it was...
  18. texwake

    Yeast nutrient gluten free?

    Quick! I'm brewing a gluten free beer right now and I need to know if regular yeast nutrient is gluten free? Thanks!
  19. texwake

    Beer Engine Project Build Suggestions?

    So I want to convert the handle and box of a beer engine into a regular CO2 beer tap, I thought it would be awesome to have that kind of antique look however I do not know how mechanicly convert the gears of box to open a regular type tap. Has anyone ever done this? Im attaching a picture of a...
  20. texwake

    Nitrogen Vs. CO2

    Ok this might be to my poor thread searching skills but I could not find the Pros and Cons of carbonating using CO2 or Nitrogen. Is it just the same? Just the avalibility and cost? Thanks!