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  1. horseinmay

    Sanke Mash Tun - Figure 8 Manifold

    Here is the manifold for my new mash tun. The cooler wore out, so I'm going to be using the former HLT keg for mashing. I'm calling it the Figure 8 Manifold. I kept it small so that it would stay lower and have less dead space below it. About 6 1/2" square.
  2. horseinmay

    Corona Mill Bucket Topper

    After clumsily using a corona mill for over 10 years, I've created a permanent solution and want to show it off. I've seen a lot of ways to mount a mill on a bucket, but too many involve cutting into the bucket which has two disadvantages - 1.makes the bucket useless for other purposes, and...
  3. horseinmay

    Electric Teakettle RIMS

    I had an idea, and wanted to throw it out there for discussion. I have an electric teakettle (1500Watt) and thought "now there is an electric heater already mounted with a base, and a cord and everything!" So I wanted to see if this would be a good idea to use as a RIMS grant. By installing a...
  4. horseinmay

    Bike Pump Force Cleaner

    for transferring sanitizer and other non-beer fluids from one corny keg to another, I thought of a way to use bike pump pressure. Using 3/16" ID gas tubing and a gas QD, I connected a Presta valve from an innertube. It fits right into the tubing, and I held it with a hose clamp. I tested it...
  5. horseinmay

    Semi Rigid Plumbing

    I am firming up all the details on my brewstand, and as I go, I like to change things and do experiments with the process. I've finally settled on the orientation of everything and am using a combination of silicon tubing (1/2") and rigid copper tubing. The silicon fits snugly on the...
  6. horseinmay

    Motor Salvage for Grain Mill

    My vacuum cleaner just bit the dust, but the motor is still good. I was wondering if this would be a good motor to repurpose for milling my grain. I'm pretty sure I would need a gear reducer or something. Has anyone tried this? I'll take it apart soon and get the details of what I might be...
  7. horseinmay

    Dual Stage Cooler - fermenting/serving

    I am brainstorming on what will be my next project. I have built a box for fermentation (about 24"x36"x48") and have been using frozen jugs for chilling. I want to upgrade by adding a mini fridge, and am considering a two stage setup where I install a baffle that would separate two temperature...
  8. horseinmay

    Insulating with wood

    I searched the forum, but nothing came up. Is anyone insulating their HLT's with wood? The recent thread went through all sorts of foam, blankets, etc. but none of it is making me salivate. I have an idea for making a wooden insulation layer out of wooden slats. I have a source on scrap...
  9. horseinmay

    Wooden Brew Stand Build

    Here are a couple pics of my new brewstand. My friend Jeremy helped me design and assemble it, and I think it turned out really well. I still have to put on the wheels, and plan on doing some permanent electrical and plumbing on this baby. When it's complete, I hope to wheel it out of the...
  10. horseinmay

    Corny key daisy chain fermentation

    I've developed a new method to my fermentations lately that I wanted to share. I've been linking up my corny kegs and using the pressure of the fermentation to transfer the beer from one keg to another, and also to even out the volume of the batch between the kegs. I brew 5 or 10 gallon...