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  1. Poolplayer

    I need some feedback on a Spiced winter ale

    I aged my Spiced Winter brew from NB last year. It took about 6 weeks to age out the clove, but by then it was a real crowd pleaser. I even had a "donation" for a case of it. Age cures alot of things as you will read alot of posts on upfront flavors ruining beer at first, becoming the best...
  2. Poolplayer

    Good Extract Porter Kit?

    I've made the St.Paul Porter 3 times and I just can't say how nice it's turned out every time. I just finished my last bottle of the first batch from Sept of last year. Really nice. I'll pour one in a glass and enjoy another beer while it has time to breath a little. Really pondering trying...
  3. Poolplayer

    Bottling Concern

    Ditto, I gently move the spoon back and forth while I fill the bottles until I get to the last gallon of brew. Everything but the Spiced Winter has been successful and I think the oils from the Clove are battling head retention.
  4. Poolplayer

    room temperature while fermenting

    Mines bubbling every eight minutes now. I'm thinkin it's gonna be time to secondary maybe tomorrow with a reading first.
  5. Poolplayer

    American Wheat or Cream Ale?

    The wheat beer is hard not to get spot on vs the cream ale. More people like the fruitier notes associated with the wheat styling too I've found. Bavarian Hefe is good and light in color. I'm going to do a late addition next time and try to make it even more blond.
  6. Poolplayer

    Oh boy I'm in trouble.

    Everyone usually starts saving Sam Adams bottles cause it's all we know for sure as a pop off bottle. However my eye caught the bottle design from Red Hook brewery and they are really nice. There are embossed hop flowers going around the top and bottom of the bottle. Not much room for your...
  7. Poolplayer

    Are you getting fat from HB?

    I've joined a hellth club since my brewing buddy was diagnosed with heart disease at 34 and gave me all his half of the beers we've been making. Still wants to do the hobby so that's cool too. I needed an incentive to get back to the gym. I also have found I like making salsa too now and...
  8. Poolplayer

    Everybody Loves Dunkelweiss

    I made a Bavarian Hefe also and the wifey was liking that style to my other hoppier offerings. Must just have that lighter flavor that keeps them interested. I have been swaying away from this and had pondered NB's Dunkelweiss. I tried a Dunkel from Trader Joe's and thought it was pretty...
  9. Poolplayer

    Sam Adams Winter Lager

    Don''t forget the Cranberry Lambic, uhhh, excuse me while I hurl :drunk: I have a 6'er of Winter and I'm not as motivated to drink it after having a few already. I'm more intrerested in Red Hooks winter and regular beers. They have AWESOME bottles to collect for homebrewing too IMHO...
  10. Poolplayer

    Just Starting and want to do it right.

    Alot of your questions would be answered with a home brewing book. Almost all of them give you a crash course on brewing day and all your steps are covered. It's a 17 dollar investment that will give you great tools to read on as you progress in the great hobby of home brewing. HBT guys are...
  11. Poolplayer

    First Batch!

    It really helps to own one of the many home brewing books out there as they almost always start with some kind of crash course in your first brewing day. It will usually do away with all the technicalities of brewing and just give you the best steps to achieve a great first brewing day. I'm...
  12. Poolplayer

    Entrepreneur Magazine: New Belgium article

    One of my coworkers handed me this magazine since it had an article on New Belgium's President and her rise from basement to almost a 100 million dollar company in 20 years. Good to know our kind can get some recognition out there right? :tank: This is the Nov-09' issue.
  13. Poolplayer

    Northern Brewer Winter Spice Ale

    Maybe some more time in the fridge will help. I had an undrinkable cream ale that I left in the fridge for three weeks. It was like a total change in result. My friends cream ale that he has left in the closet still taste as funky so we're gonna refrigerate those now to see if that is the...
  14. Poolplayer

    Blow Off Tube Question

    Nothing like running down to Home Depot and running into a group of "helpers" and saying "I need a 4' section of blowoff tube before my bung explodes out of my primary and I have Krausen everywhere!!":eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  15. Poolplayer

    Blow Off Tube Question

    I made a batch of single hop bitter with no need for a blow off tube. Next time I made a double batch and BOTH needed a tube. insert:>mad dash to hardware store<. Ya just never know when things are gonna go:ban: so just be prepared.
  16. Poolplayer

    Slow fermenting beer, should I pitch more yeast?

    Well, I keep my beers in my closet as well, I took a refrigerator thermometer to check the consistency of this space as my temps in WI are plummeting and I won't keep my house at 70 ;). My bedroom closet has maintained at 65 degrees so that's where I'm conditioning my bottles (2weeks) until I...
  17. Poolplayer

    Nut Brown Ale

    I'm making a double of Caribou on Wednesday. Should be a nice step up from the Nut Brown I've done a couple of times.
  18. Poolplayer

    Slow fermenting beer, should I pitch more yeast?

    Those yeasts like things pretty consistent to be happy. if your temperatures are swinging from 60's to 50's I'm sure they are not adjusting as fast as your house. find a location that is consistent in temp and you should have better yeast activity without a need for boosters.
  19. Poolplayer

    Fermentation below 65 degrees.

    It might prefer if you left the TV on Nickelodeon while you're gone too.
  20. Poolplayer

    I accidentally used cornstarch instead of corn sugar...

    the sour tastes will probably dissipate with time as well. All off flavors eventually leave with time from what I've gathered as off flavors in my beers. Patience is stamped into my head from all the posts I've read. :mug: